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CanJam SoCal 2019 Impressions thread

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  1. Vitaly2017

    Ohhh congratulations I recommend u go with a12t its the best pick!

    How did you find valkyrie vs khan? I currently own ciem phantom and looking at valkyrie as my next big totl....

    What is khan all about?
  2. Matthew420
    Well, the Valkyrie is not positioned as a TOTL earphone. (The Wraith is the one that's positioned as a TOTL piece, in the non-hybrid line.) It's going to be priced right above the Vantage in the X series. But the sound is superb.

    Not as good as the Khan, though. Both have those new estat tweeters, but Khan has more BAs in it, and they weren't just thrown in there haphazardly. The tuning is a terrific blend of technical and musical.

    Used properly, these estat tweeters seem to do a really good job of adding high-end detail with no added stridency. I'm sure there are/will be people just throwing them in because they're the hot new thing, but these two are not those.
  3. DecentLevi
    Hey guys, just a quick note... I had an absolutely sensational day second day today at the meet and a few new revelations that completely changed quite a few things I had learned yesterday in my previous impressions on page 5 so keep in mind those were just initial impressions. I am super busy with work these days so it may be a within about next 7 days I'll make a somewhat brief part 2 with major updates about the new discoveries comparatively. Stay tuned. Until then!

    As my flight is a bit late, two things I have a minute to say though:

    The QDC Anole VX IEM hype is true!!!

    And to me and others who had the rare pleasure of trying it, the "Heddphone" from Hedd.audio was shoulders above ALL else at the show, even beyond Empyreans and Raal SR1 (in our view), electrostats, etc. A super rare gem and profoundly well done, and for less than Empyreans. Though not quite finalized for production
    Last edited: Jun 28, 2019
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  4. Vitaly2017

    For me phantom is my current totl )
    What i am looking for is more sub bass and smoothe and slightly more elevated treble over phantoms.

    How does khan and valkyrie compare in that regard? And I listen to edm no interest in live music...
  5. mwhals
    That sounds like Legend X.
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  6. Vitaly2017
    I heard lx and phantom side by side and i preferred phantoms by a big margin. The bass is way more detailed and immersive. Specialy very fast and more attackingly responcive?
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  7. Watagump

    I am terrible, sorry, next time I will make sure not to do any better. :wink:
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  8. Watagump

    It was great meeting you man, glad you liked the Khan.
  9. mwhals
    So more bass than Phantom, but less than Legend X. That may be Valkyrie, but I have not heard that one. I did hear Phantom and Legend X.
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  10. Watagump
    I took the Phantom and Legend X for a short spin in Chicago and also preferred the Phantom. I also listened to the Phantom a little more at the show, buts that's all I listened to, solid offering from the EE guys.
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  11. Matthew420
    You would have to put in a lot of work to come up with a better EDM earphone than the Legend X. The Valkyrie's tuning is a better all-rounder, IMHO, and no slouch at EDM. But the LX is basically ideal.
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  12. Vitaly2017

    True I hear that a lot about Lx to be good for edm. But phantom is more linear and also offers a nice mid presence. When ever i put phantoms on its authoritive and powerful. With a thick and warm sound signature its really unique.

    I started my audiophile hobby with shures 846 and phantom vs Lx is a much closer approach maybe this is why i loved it more and felt in love with it right away.

    Today i got phantom + ares 2 8wire and 1z its a superb match and very warm as i like ).

    Any idea how warm and darky or thickness in sound is valkyrie vs phantom?
    I was planning to get valkyrie and effect audio Cleopatra and 1z of course ) ) )
  13. singleended5863
    The differences of the warmest between Phantom and Valkyrie are Valkyrie has more defined and neutral bass than Phantom. Valkyrie has more smooth silky high and midrange than Phantom. However, Valkyrie has lack of thick and solid unique bass at least to my ears.
    I am not so impressive with Wraith at all (except its special treble) even though it is more expensive than Valkyrie.
  14. Roger Dodger
    So how was it...twenty-plus parking -- cheap? Took a quick stroll, bought Dekoni. Looked (didn't touch).
  15. mariopoli
    I also fanboyed out meeting John Grado today. He is a very nice and friendly person.
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