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CanJam SoCal 2019 Impressions thread

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  1. ehqhvm
    I just had a quick chat with audeze’s CEO and learned a ton about the improvements to their assembly process that enabled the creation of the 4Z from the lcd4. Really fascinating and helpful.
  2. cr3ativ3
    congrats :) i have mine quite near a year now :) and heard many other ... LX remains the King :) at least for me
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  3. SDBiotek
    Thanks! I think it was the Verite that I tried (I should be able to tell the difference, I have an Auteur, haha). I went by the ZMF table a few times but all seats were taken.

    I enjoyed the Mr. Speakers Ether 2 on a few different setups. Gotta start saving up my pennies.
  4. Monsterzero
    I own both Verite and Auteur. They compliment each other very well.
    For one weekend a year,I wish I was back home in L.A. :frowning2:
  5. joesmokey
    Had a great show! There was so much to listen to that I went to both days for the first time.

    Rather than critiquing everything I heard, I'll choose the best headphone that I liked from each vendor:
    ZMF - Aeolus
    Empire Ears - Legend X
    64 Audio - A12t
    Audeze - LCD-4Z
    Focal - Stellia
    Meze - Honestly, I was surprised at how much I liked the Meze 99 Classics, so these have to get a special mention. (Yes the Empyrean was good too.)
    Campfire - still my Andromedas
    Sony - MDR-Z1R

    Special shout out to The Source AV table for bringing a ton of high-end gear to listen to (was very grateful to try the Sony IEMs).
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2019
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  6. mwhals
    How did the Legend X and the A12t compare? i have heard the Legend X, but never the A12t.
  7. singleended5863
    I really like the sound of HE especially for vocals which have decays, timber and I can hear the husky voice of Michael Buble’s Fever.
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  8. proedros
  9. TooPoorForHiFi
    Comparison REQUEST

    Final Audio B1, B2, B3 - FiiO FH7 - Maze Rai Penta
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  10. Insidious Meme
    Spent more time talking to people than listening. But even though they seem to be a niche product, the Raal system was a surprising treat. At least a couple of other booth people were raving about it.
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  11. gLer
    I wouldn't mind impressions of the FH7 vs Rai Penta myself. In fact FH7 vs anything...
  12. Matthew420
    Well, today was my first visit to a CanJam, and any subsequent visits will have a tough time living up to this one.

    I won 64 Audio's drawing for a free IEM, so I now have the difficult—if incredibly enviable— decision of which ridiculously nice flagship-level gears I want to get. Universals and my ears don't get along so well, so Fourte, Trio, and the 18 and 12 universals are probably out—leaving the A18t and the A12t. I welcome suggestions from those who have a broader base of experience than the five or ten minutes I spent today, or even envious jibes about what a worthless lucksack I am. :)

    Other winners:

    Empire Ears Valkyrie—on the tunes I fed through them today, these did even better than the Legend X, which was also very impressive. I didn't try the Wraith, since I was trying to avoid making myself want super-expensive things. (This was a great plan, but then I foolishly listened to the Khan…)

    Noble Khan—whatever you listen to immediately after the Khan will sound bad, almost guaranteed. I switched to the Django, and it might as well have been Skullcandy for the first 30 seconds or so. If you go to a Noble booth, I highly recommend asking them to postpone your exposure to the Khan. Highly-placed sources tell me that customs are coming.

    FiiO FH7—my ears are a bit treble sensitive, so I will probably pass on these. The extension on the FH7 in both directions is heavy-duty. But they were still among the top handful of IEMs I auditioned.

    ZMF Verite—comfy, stylish, technically capable and musical all rolled into one.

    Thanks, CanJam organizers, for a great day, and thanks 64 Audio for making my hi-fi pipe dreams a reality!
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  13. Vitaly2017

    Ask them to create a new video on YouTube so we can wetness it live )
  14. Giullian
    Well done! what a win for the first CanJam. I do have the A12T and love it all around, didn't put any genre of music to it to sound bad or unpleasing, but it was a blind by for me based on reviews and sound signature compared to A18t, also didn't want to do this high price shot on my first CIEM. so I won't comment on it.
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  15. Skyediver
    I had an amazing time! Not my first show (long, sad story), but for all reasons that matter, it was pretty much like it was my first. After several years away feeling a bit intimidated due to an unpleasant experience and a sense that maybe the hobby wasn’t for me, I came back and now I think I’m really, REALLY hooked. Because of a great experience with the JH Audio guys I purchased custom Layla’s, and now the painful wait. I also wanted to get some good, solid open-back headphones and decided on the Audeze LCD-X. I was surprised how much I liked that model, kept coming back to it after hearing other options. And that’s probably the key learning for me: attending shows in this retail-deficient world we live in is absolutely unbeatable for being able to listen to multiple headphones in such a condensed limited amount of time. No major learning there of course, seems common sense, but I really had fun with trying so many headphones so seamlessly and efficiently. So, the strategy going forward is save my pennies between shows, and take advantage of attending to the max. Show discounts help!

    So, the plan is to attend RMAF in the fall, and listen to the ZMF Verite again that was calling my name... as well as Mr. Speaker Ether 2s... oh, yeah: can’t forget how much I liked the Meze Empyrean’s. SO MANY CHOICES!!!

    Till next time. Will definitely BE a next time after this show!
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