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CanJam SoCal 2019 Impressions thread

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  1. third_eye Moderator
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  2. MadDane
    LOL! :tropical_drink::tropical_drink::tropical_drink::tropical_drink:
  3. Zachik
    Very true! Great guy all around, and funny too :smile:
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  4. Insidious Meme
    I've been told this was Shenzen Audio's (and those that they distribute for) first go around in a US Can Jam. I'm curious what they thought and how they made out.
  5. ngd3
    I listened to the new 64 model 3 different times yesterday, so I definitely liked it :)

    It sounded like a better Trio to me - probably my favorite bass in an IEM so far. Sub bass was just so good, maybe a little bass bleed causing congestion elsewhere. I didn't find them sibilant, the treble reminded me of the A/U18t

    It was maybe missing that crazy out of head Fourte sound due to slightly more prominent vocals. It was always super crowded and noisy at the booth, but it was by far my favorite CanJam listen
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  6. singleended5863
    To my ears Trio is the best IEM. Fourte has too much bass. New one sounds fuller but has sibilant.
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  7. Watagump

    You are okay also even though you sound french.
  8. Watagump
    The only problem with CanJams is, there are not enough in the year. Now there is even one less with RMAF being out of the lineup. The show is still going on, but its no longer a CanJam event. I have SO much fun doing these its actually a relief from every day life. Seeing a couple of people I haven't not seen for a couple of years was great, Maurice AKA MoeDog and Gary from Headphone Guru. Maurice was very helpful at making some candy disappear. Meeting new people is always great also, but some people I thought I would meet that post here either didn't come, or didn't say hello.
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  9. Vitaly2017
    What would be great is if we could have canjam in Canada its so sad we Canadians are always left in tha dust...
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  10. mwhals
    I wish we could have a CanJam closer to WV. New York is just too far. Maybe Cincinnati or Columbus Ohio.
  11. Watagump
    Pfft, CanJam Hawaii. :ksc75smile:
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  12. wenbinbin2010
    I would love a CanJam Midwest! ZMF has their show in Chicago coming up, so that might be the next best thing.
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  13. Monsterzero
    ...and not in the dead of winter. My west coast DNA isnt built for these east coast winters.
  14. MadDane
    what no more RMAF CanJam? When did that happen or get announced? My wife and i were going to plan a trip to Denver to see family. I was going to try to time it with Denver CanJam. :astonished::angry::astonished::angry::astonished::angry:
  15. Watagump

    The show is just not a part of CanJam, but the headphone section of the show is still going on. Its like Axpona, more about 2 channel with a headphone area.
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