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CanJam SoCal 2017 (April 8-9, 2017)

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  1. bosiemoncrieff
    Can we get confirmation from Sennheiser that the HE-1 audition reel WILL DEFINITELY HAVE CLASSICAL MUSIC?
  2. DecentLevi
    I for one prefer never to use the likes of classical or ambient when auditioning gear for inability to analyze dynamics that you can otherwise get from drums of rhythmic tracks
  3. asquare3376
    Sony is a brand that I trust. I have had Sennheisers, Denons, Audezes in the past but I always end up keeping Sony. If that makes me a fanboy, I have no problem with it
  4. danieldpagan
    Thats one thing I will never understand about how some of the manufacturers only demo a few songs or a certain genre such as having only classical. They need to have hundreds of different songs from different genres so anyone can have an decent understanding of the entire spectrum of the headphone. Audeze had a small selection of songs at the can jam I went to and even after listening to them I still was confused on what they were supposed to sound like. Selection of music was not that great and was very small.
    Schiit Audio was a lot better with quantity but needed some improving on variety.
  5. geoffalter11
    That is why I am bringing my own playlist.  I read that it was wise to bring your own music so I can familiarize yourself with something new in a way I will understand.  Hopefully this rings true.  My first Canjam.  I am very excited.  It will be like seeing color TV for the first time.
  6. bosiemoncrieff

    Isn't it great that people have different tastes? You seem to see clearly the reason for including a variety of genres such that listeners of all persuasions can get an idea of whether the cans will be suitable to your listening preferences. Just as the Dies Irae from Verdi's Requiem, despite the timpani and bass drums, gives you no insight into electronica, so electronica is of no help whatsoever in determining how the HE-1 might serve the delicate matter of a Schubert lied, or the precise timbre of an oboe in a concerto of Mozart.
    In this modern universe of large hard drives, it has never been easier to have a robust selection capable of satisfying even the most obscurantist audiophile! I can't wait for Sennheiser to hear the plea for representing classical alongside more commercially successful genres. Given that HD800, in its stock form, is barely listenable except to classical music, I'm shocked that other CanJam attendees reported their reel previously featuring no classical whatsoever. To call it a gross oversight is an understatement. 
  7. bimmer100
    A heads up to everyone attending CanJam SOCAL. 

    KitsuneHiFi and HoloAudioUSA will be there

    we will have the following at our booth...
    2 Dacs: Spring L1 and KTE Dac
    2 Amps: iFi Pro iCan and iESL (iEnergizer)  + WooAudio WA22 (courtesy of WooAudio)
    2 DDC : Singxer SU-1 standard model and Singxer SU-1 KTE Edition
    1 Isolation Transformer: KitsuneHifi 800watt O-Type SP isolation transformer w/ Mundorf Silver/Oil caps, Furutech NCF iec and duplex's
    5 pairs of Headphones: Stax SR-009, Focal Utopia w/NorneAudio Silver Draug, HE1000V2 w/NorneAudio Silver Draug, Sony MDR-Z1R w/NorneAudio Silverguard2, HD800S w/Draug2 
    other items:  Eidolic is a new product we will be carrying in the near future. for out DIY we will have a full line of headphone connectors and many of them will be on display for the show.
    Our giveaways (raffle)!!! : Don't miss out on this!  We are giving away a Singxer SU1 (Saturday 8th), 6 HoloAudio Titanis Turbo USB (3ea Sat/3ea Sun), 1 KitsuneHifi SPDIF cable (Sun 9th)
    Our show special pricing (USAONLY)! : Spring L1 dac $1550 the weekend of Canjam, Singxer SU-1 $350, KitsuneHiFi interconnects (hybrid occ true litz/ RCA or XLR) 30% off. 
    Please leave a business card or your contact phone number info to enter the Raffle. the giveaways will be AT THE SHOW and towards end of each day.
    Hope to see many of you at CanJam SOCAL 2017! 
  8. third_eye Moderator
    Updated Show Specials list!
    1More15% off all prodcuts expect Quad Driver
    64 Audio20% show special discount
     Tia Fourte Giveaway! Visit the 64 Audio Booth to enter the giveaway!
    AudioquestCome Play With Us Promotion: Follow @audioquestexperience on Facebook, share CanJam SoCal post, and visit booth to enter
    BlueElla $700, at show $550; Sadie $400, at show $340
    BluewaveVisit booth to enter into a giveway to win GET portable wireless amplifier
    Brainwavz AudioGiveaway Promotion: 3x The B200 BA earphones + the Krudul duo earphone hangers (visit booth for more details)
     Brainwavz B150 Balanced Armature Earphones + Krudul: $70.00
     Brainwavz B200 Dual Balanced Armature Earphones + Krudul: $120.00
     Brainwavz Sheepskin Earpads: $30.00
     Brainwavz Sheepskin Angled Earpads: $40.00
    Darin Fong Audio50% discount off Out of Your Head software licenses (MSRP $149)
     Out of Your Head with all presets for $300 (MSRP $677)
     Vesper Audio custom leather pads for Koss ESP-950's for $79
    Empire Ears15% off and Free Ear Impressions
    Final AudioGet a free earpiece (M size) just by stopping at the booth
     Get a free earpiece set (LL/L/M/S/SS) by just following us @final_audio on instagram!
     Win prize by lottery by testing our products and taking a photo of your favorite one and post it on Instagram & tag @final_audio!
     Second Prize SONOROUS III
     First Prize: F7200
    Imnano30% off Siren V1 and Storm S1
    JDS LabsFree Shipping for those mentioning CanJam SoCal in their order notes; valid from April 7-9
    KitsuneSingxer SU1 - $50 off
     30% off KitsuneHiFi XLR or RCA interconnects and KTE USB and SPDIF cables
     HoloAudio Spring L1 Dac $1549 Show Special
     Visit the Kitsune/HoloAudio booth to enter into a Free Giveaway
    Linear Tube Audio$150 off the purchase of any MZ2 or MZ2-S if ordered wiithin a week of the show. Use coupon code SURF on www.lineartubeaudio.com
    Noble AudioLimited number of complimentary Wizard Sage and Savant IEMs ($799 value) with purchase of a universal Kaiser encore or Katana
     Sales tax included with all purchases
    Periodic Audio10% discount on all products purchased at show and no sales tax (food for at-show purchases only)
     Full Periodic reference system for $999 including Periodic Be IEMs, Channel Islands VDA-2 DAC and VHP-2 AMP
    RHA15% Discount on the online store using code SOCAL2017; Personalized Dacamp L1 giveaway
    Surf Cables15% off all orders and Special Giveaways at booth
    Theoretica Applied Physics20% discount on BACCH-BM, limited supply available
    The Source AVVisit The Source AV booth for a comprehensive list of Show Special pricing on prodcuts from: Focal, MrSpeakers, Cayin, Woo Audio, Sennhesier, Questyle, HiFiman, and Sony Signature Series
    Trinity Audio30% off via a coupon voucher to be handed out at CanJam SoCal
    Ultimate EarsBuy a UERR and get 50% off the UE18+
    V-Moda10% off on REMIX BT Speaker at the show or with e-coupon to pick up at the booth
     10% off on CROSSFADE 2 WIRELESS at the show or with e-coupon to pick up at the booth
    ZMF Headphones$100 off all planar headphones, $200 off list price of Atticus and Eikon

  9. Exidrion
    Kind of off topic but I have to give props to the headfi team for how far in advance they give notice and set dates for events. There's already one scheduled almost a year in advance! I wish other operators did that :D
  10. AxelCloris Administrator
    Pretty sure that's all Ethan. :wink:
  11. sling5s
    From past year Canjam....will Chord or any of the vendors/retailers likely have a discount for those purchasing/preordering the Hugo 2 at Canjam?
  12. Andreeww
    For the UE iem discount, does it have to be from one person or it can be from 2 people?
  13. Whitigir
    Very interesting to see how Stax009 is in comparison to Mr.Speakers ES
  14. Shure or bust
    Hey so is it actually held inside the JW Marriot or next to it in the convention center ?
  15. Shure or bust

    I think classical is only used due to more sacd and dsd hi-rez recordings, everyone can listen to instrumental music such as piano, violin, ect. Would you rather have Rap music or electronic on the Orpheus ? Pop music and crappy vocals? I wouldnt want too...
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