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CanJam SoCal 2015, March 28-29, 2015

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  1. AxelCloris Administrator
    Rooming plans have altered. Anyone staying Thurs-Mon with room for another? If not I'll be grabbing a room at Courtyard and enjoying a little exercise before and after the show (IE walking), along with some extra crash space available.
  2. mab1376
    I always wanted to hear the relay attenuator on the Ragnarok, that is so cool, and i thought my Bifrost's muting relay was cool lol
  3. LarsP
    The Schiit-combo looks huge infront of Jude. 
    Right now I'm really smitten by the upgrade bug, but I can't decide if should get a new headphone or upgrade my DAC/AMP-combo so I'm more "ready" for a TOTL headphone some time in the future... 
  4. jude Administrator
    Well, they really are quite large--but I'm also quite short, which might accentuate the size of them.
  5. David Aldrich
    Jude, I'm starting to think you ordered 2 of the Yggdrasil so you could use a Yggi/Rag stack as an apple crate.
  6. aamefford
    @jude -  Iwatched you turn the volume knob on the Ragnorok about 4 times.  I completely get the whole geek cool thing about it.  The little kid smile on your face is priceless.  Of course now i want one...
  7. glennhlee
    I'm sorry if this has been covered, but will vendors be selling their products at the CanJam? And will they be at a CanJam special discount?
    My only reason for going would be to try a bunch of headphones and leave with a pair. Someone let me know! Thanks and God bless
  8. 414353
    Hey, what the?!....I just watched the preview video for the headphone show and thought to myself, "I have to miss that"?
    Holy cow! If I could go I could get all my research and such done right there, in one pass and then know what I need and save to get it later. There is some really wild stuff in that video! That Mega Drop company or whatever the name was (I'm bad with names) is insane. Every AKG. AT etc. headphone there is, they have according to the video.
    I see nearly everybodies beloved Sennheiser is not only going to be there, but with nearly everything they have. 
    Just judging by the video this thinga-ma-jig is going to be a lot bigger than I thought. 
    I should not have watched that video during lunch. I should have just read some news on Yahoo or something as usual, but no, I had to veer off course and find that video. Damn-it!
    Well done video, by the way.
  9. Netforce
    Some vendors will be selling some gear yup, with some giving slight show special prices or at least they have at previous events. Maybe closer to the event maybe some more info will be posted on who will be selling what or what discounts will be offered.
  10. wahsmoh
    I think I may just sign up. Every year I swear these LA Head-fi events get farther and farther from me. The last one I drove to was in Santa Ana which is a more tolerable drive than Costa Mesa from San Diego >.<
  11. jogfi2002
    How eager I want to go.
    But it's 5 hours' drive from my home, too far...
  12. bearFNF Contributor

    Lucky you, its twelve hours of driving, flying, and busing for me (that includes a five hour lay over in Minneapolis [​IMG])...but you don't hear me complaining...[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] It's worth it!!!
  13. drgajet
    Hey Bob,

    What's delta say now?

  14. bearFNF Contributor

    Delta says 5 days 'til I can check-in!!  WOOT!!!
  15. smitty1110
    Not gonna lie, messing with the Rag's volume knob never gets old. I really wish I could make it to the event, but I don't have any vacation days.
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