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CanJam SoCal 2015 Impressions Thread

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  1. Currawong Contributor
    Dan Meinwald of E.A.R. USA, whom Frank I and I were trying to persuade (using Frank Cooter's and the Schiit Rygg, HD-800s and HE-1000s) that headphone listening can be enjoyable.
    There was a steady flow of people into the rooms. 
    The Schiit tables.
    Wells Audio had some serious gear on hand.
    Iron Dreamer was standing in for Justin at the HeadAmp table, while Justin works on finishing the BHSE batch.
    Erik Skubinkski was on hand to demonstrate the Abyss.
    The Enigma Acoustics amp. 
    Uncle Wilson of Jaben came, demonstrating a battery pack for the Calyx M and Spinfit tips, which many people have been wanting to buy.
    Audeze had a lovely Audiovalve amp for their demos.
    Frank I and John Franks, whom, alongside Rob Watts and other members of staff all came to talk with us about the Hugo and more. 
    Astell&Kern had their 1 terabyte player on display. 
    Grace not only had their famous DAC/amps on display, but one had a neat headphone stand built in.
    The registration table, which a fantastic team of volunteers kept running from 6am when people began to set up.
    Ken Ball of ALO Audio and Vinnie Rossie were both there. Ken had a number of new amps on display and Vinnie his new modular creation...
    Which is packed with super capacitors for power storage and an amazing number of module options, so you can configure an entire system-in-a-box.
    The Pavilion.
    Pendulumic were there with their great value BT headphones.
    JDS Labs, that needs no introduction.
    Rob Watts getting his ears scanned at the UE table. 
    UE were giving away free digital ear impressions to anyone who posted on social media about it.
    As well as their amazing custom IEM designs, Noble Audio had a Bluetooth audio transmitter as well as, unexpectedly, a pair of prototype studio monitors.
    More to come!
  2. conquerator2
    What's the Layla? People seemed impressed, but I have no idea what it is! [​IMG]
  3. money4me247 Contributor


  4. fiascogarcia

    It's a famous song!!  [​IMG]
  5. rschoi75
    Great show! I had a great time even though I showed up late, and only got a good 1.5 hours to run around the show in an attempt to see everything. 
    This show was definitely the largest headphone oriented show I've been too, and was very interesting! You guys really did a wonderful job, so thank you to all the Can Jam 2015 staff. 
    Unfortunately I didn't get to see everything, but of what I did see, I was really impressed. A few things stick out in my mind: 
    - The Abyss is just incredible. Warm, detailed, surprisingly light, and uber enjoyable. That's on my short list of things to buy if I win the lottery. 
    - The ALO Continental Dual Mono was very attactive, and sounded quite good. I didn't make it over to Woo Audio, so I don't know if they brought their prototype WA8, but I'd love to A/B those two portable amps. 
    - JH Angie and Layla both sound wonderful, as does all the Noble gear. I own a set of Noble K10's (for full disclosure), but you can't go wrong with either company if you're looking for a TOTL iem. 
    - The HE-1000 is an amazing piece of headphone gear. Probably the best planar magnetic headphone ever, but like the Abyss, it's beyond the reach of my budget at the moment. 
    - The Grace M920 is one of the most musical SS DAC/Amps to my ears. Smooth, buttery, warm, and with great bass extension from an HD800.
    - United Sciences 3d ear scanning tech is amazing. I hope it really catches on with audiologists. 
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  6. Trager

    I didn't hear them in close enough proximity to really compare, but it should be said that even with the show discount, the A12 is quite a bit less expensive than Layla. I really thought the 1964 Ears were delightfully musical, across the board. There was just something very involving about their sound sig.
    The JH IEMs were just crazy impressive and honestly, I didn't listen as critically because there's a limit to how much money even I want to throw at a pair of IEMs at this point.  I'm going to try to get a better comparative impression of the two today, if I have time.
  7. smitty1110
    Did anyone head the new HifiMan amp?
  8. mikemercer
    Thanks for tryin' w/ Dan Amos!
    I've known Dan a LONG time - so he was waiting for me to get back. 
    - so when I finally came back (was out all-morning in meetings w/ a dear friend and a few artists) - I brought him straight to Alex Cavalli's booth - 
    As Tim DeParavicini asked me to take him to hear the LAu last year at T.H.E Headphonium -Powered by Audio360.org- during T.H.E Show Newport:
    I told Tim about the "one amp" that moved me more than my HP4 - not "better" - but... (and Tim LOVED it) so Dan NEEDED to hear THAT
    and I brought all sorts of music Dan KNEW WELL in my AK240 - and cans he knew (my LCD2s, XC, and HD800s) and he ended up REALLY ENJOYING THE LAU!!
    So it was a BLAST.
    He was just feeling very raw (death in the family) so I took him for a nice walk and then he was able to truly listen...
    Thanks AGAIN for trying w/ him!
    I got real love for Dan - he's fam
  9. riva audio

    Thanks LFF!
  10. Levanter
    @riva audio
    Any Head-fi special promo pricing for the launch of the Riva Turbo X? [​IMG]
  11. Levanter
    Thanks for the impression!
    I'll be getting my A12 tomorrow, so it's good to see it holding up against the latest TOTL offerings :)
  12. mikemercer
    Thus far - my favorite sound OVERALL from the show actually happened at my boyz place last night!!
    I brought both new Cavalli Audio portables:
    The small soon-to-be-battery-powered amp: Currently w/ small wallwart) + The larger one w/ balanced in/out and multiple output options
    (was lucky enough to be in on the brainstorming sesh on that w/ Alex and @warrenpchi +Frank I - cant tag him.. - but just telling him our thoughts on feature set and target price he might wanna hit IF POSSIBLE)
    and those + my Audeze LCD-2Fs, XCs, and EL-8 open-backs
    were a grand musical experiences!!!
    I was also Floored by DClarks new ETHER (havin heard evolve since it was a wooden prototype) - Everything from the CRAZY lightweight, comfort, and, most of all:
    Leading-edge transient snap+attack+AIR!
    The staging was phenomenal  - and as we all know - when it comes to planars - it has ALOT to to w/ SPEED - and the ETHER was FAST w/ its pacing, and especially articulation. Can't WAIT to get that in the Sonic Satori Personal Audio Lab!!
    HERE HERE @Stillhart
    and it was GREAT to meet you!!
    For me - these shows are for hearing what SYSTEMS move me - (as, arguably - we're always hearing the sum of the parts) - if I need to critically listen and decipher, especially w/ 2 DACS - I'd have to take em to my suite at the Hilton and use ALL associated equipment I know...
    So... Have FUN!!
    YES! The Dharma...
    THANX for sharing this!!  We (me & @warrenpchi) wholly appreciate it!!!
  13. mikemercer
    I've been ROCKIN' the Riva Turbo for weeks now - was supposed to have a review DONE for Positive Feedback before Canjam - 
    but the last couple weeks been MAD.\ - rough time for my wifey...
    However - owning both Peachtree bluetooth speakers (1st edition + Current) - I can honestly say that, when it comes to reproduction of vocals especially,
    the Riva, IMHO, SMOKES both Peachtree deepblues!!!!
    of course, the new Deepblue has an edge strictly due to mass, and, speaker guys know: There's NO replacement for displacement!
    So the larger drivers bring about a fuller, lower-end-capable sound.
    But being a Jambox by Jawbone owner (yeah yeah, worked w/ those guys WAY back) - I can safely say I'm a RIVA-convert!
    and the battery lasts for DEEP.
    However - the Turbo option (essentially a better "loudness" button) makes that damn car engine sound when you engage it!
    If it wasn't audible when music was playing - GREAT!!! But its a LIL' annoying.
    I love it though
    and two review of the unit coming at PFO + Audio360.org!!
    I'll also try to do a user review here as well 
  14. jude Administrator
    If you haven't already done so, make sure to stop by the Member Showcase, and check out (and listen to) the Frank Cooter designed and built electrostatic amp, driving the Stax SR009. It is easily one of the most beautiful pieces of audio gear I have ever laid eyes on, and it sounds amazing.
    Like Frank, I've desired a bit more smoothness and body from the Stax SR-009, and this amp, to my ears, is a stunning pairing.
    (Above) Frank Cooter with the 845 DHT (Directly-Heated Triode) Electrostatic Amplifier that he designed and built.
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  15. Audio Addict Contributor
    Is the show special available to those not at the show?
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