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CanJam Singapore 2019 (March 30-31, 2019)

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  1. korvin12
  2. GuyForkes
  3. lramirez1959
    I wonder if the Questyle QP3R is coming ??? Several vendors have dropped the price of the QP2R. :gs1000smile:
  4. Neilgp
    Neilgp - XL - 1
    Neilgp - L -1
  5. JCKH
    JCKH - XL - 1
  6. third_eye Moderator
    Guys, here's the current list of Show Specials.....we'll continue to update this list and will be providing a handout with this information for all CanJam Singapore 2019 attendees at the Registration Desk. Only 2 short weeks to go!!!


    Up to 15% off at the show
    20% off all CIEM/UIEMs
    Abyss Headphones
    Up to 15% off at the show
    Aroma Audio
    Up to 10% off at the show
    Up to 10% off at the show
    Up to 15% off at the show
    Audio Genetic
    15% off
    Chord Electronics
    Up to 10% off at the show
    15% off all items
    15% off
    Giving away 1xEcho (value $999)
    - hashtag #zeppmefeliks
    - post on social media recommended pairing and tell us why you need the Echo!
    Up to 15% off at the show
    R6 Pro Early-bird Special at $999 instead of $1199
    Free Faceplate for all orders placed during the show
    Giving away 1xIT01 and 1xIT01S
    - hashtag #zeppmeibasso
    - selfie your "enjoy the music" moment
    Jerry Harvey Audio
    Up to 15% off at the show
    Kennerton Audio
    20% off at the show
    Up to 20% off at the show
    Meze Audio
    $3,999 instead of $4,399 for Empyrean
    Up to 10% off at the show
    QP1R at $699
    Up to 15% off at the show
    Stealth Sonics
    25% off on Stealth Sonics universal and custom product ranges on orders received at the booth during CANJAM Singapore 2019. 1st Year anniversary discount of Stealth Sonics is only valid between 30-31 March 2019
    Up to 15% off at the show
    Vision Ears
    Visit Booth to participate in the Lucky-Draw Give Away Special including CIEM's, T-Shirts, and Caps
    - 20% off all VE custom models
    - 10% off of the ERLKoNIG (Universal Flagship)
    Woo Audio
    Up to 10% off at the show
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2019
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  7. xuan87
    Very nice, looking forward to my third consecutive Canjam. Wonder if the Audeze Cipher bluetooth module will be available for sale, probably not but I'm holding out hope!

    Love how there are many new brands that I've not heard of and likely only available in the Asia Canjams.

    Edit: It should be my fourth consecutive Canjam, holy cow, time really flies by! Thanks for the badges!
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2019
  8. VandyMan
    Why are the show specials in Singapore so much better than they were in NYC?
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  9. Sage Encore
    Don't be fooled my friend. That's the way they operate arnd here, discounts look good because they inflate their regular price and make it look like a huge discount is being given, and the naive ones get caught out. Ignorance is truly bliss in this parts of the world.
  10. xuan87
    I can't deny that there is some truth to this but it's not as bad as it sounds.

    Most of the overseas brands being sold in Singapore are sold via distributors rather than direct, which make sense as many of them are located outside of Asia. So that naturally means abit of a markup already, which could be made worth with the local warranty support.

    Although I prefer to buy direct most of the time, sometimes it's actually cheaper to buy local than from overseas, with two examples coming to mind: Schiit (because they use a reliable but very expensive mailing service) and my MrSpeaker Ether closeout headphones.

    TL:DR Do your homework before deciding where to buy from, but don't agonize over it, it's the music that matters.
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  11. duaned
    I'm coming from Australia so how about a free t-shirt for effort?
  12. third_eye Moderator
    Guys, here's the Seminar Schedule for CanJam Singapore 2019. Spaces are limited so plan accordingly!

    CanJam Singapore 2019 Seminar Schedule
    Join us in Ocean 6 on the second level right above the Pacific Ballroom for a series of interactive discussion panels with some of the industry’s leading experts in audio technology. Always entertaining, extremely engaging, and very informative, these seminars give you a behind the scenes look at the headphone audio industry like nothing else.

    Saturday, March 30

    1pm-2pm Measuring Headphones Today: Precision & Challenges
    Jude Mansilla of Head-Fi.org will examine the level of precision needed to measure today’s headphones and IEMs, modeling human perception, how measurement data is obtained, why headphone measurements matter, and why they sometimes don’t. He'll also discuss some of the new challenges that today's headphones and earphones can present for those who want to measure them.

    2:30-3:30 Chord Hugo TT 2 Technical Seminar With Rob Watts
    The Chord Electronics Hugo TT2 is much more than a desktop version of the portable Hugo 2. Rob Watts will be talking about the new design and technologies behind the Chord Electronics Hugo TT 2, how it differs from its portable sibling, including a presentation of the Hugo TT 2’s measured performance.

    4pm-5pm The Changing Face of Head-Fi
    Prestigious companies with great R&D and technology are abundant in our industry, but what’s the secret to getting news of their breakthroughs out in our uber-connected world and building relationships that matter? Join the likes of Megane Montabonel (Focal), Andy Regan (MrSpeakers), Raveen Bawa (DCS), Rob Watts (Chord Electronics), and Jude Mansilla (Head-Fi) in underlining how they’re tapping into conversations online in addition to the ever-relevant retail methods of yesteryear to answer questions on their products, brand story, tuning, measurements and more! This panel will be moderated by Kristy Song of Zeppelin & Co.

    Sunday, March 31

    12:30-1:30pm Exploring Digital Audio with the dCS Bartok
    Raveen Bawa of dCS will discuss their first entry into the world of Head-Fi and share some insights into dCS design philosophy and capabilities in the world of digital audio.

    2pm-3pm Chord Hugo M Scaler Technical Talk With Rob Watts
    Rob Watts will be talking about the importance of transients for auditory perception, and how digital audio has problems in recreating transients accurately enough. He will then talk in detail about the Chord Electronics Hugo M Scaler, which guarantees better than 16-bit reconstruction of transients, with the one-million tap WTA filter employed in the Hugo M Scaler.
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  13. Sage Encore
    "It's the music that matters", at what or whose expense? Anyway, it everyone's personal opinion and wallet. Happy listening.
  14. noobandroid
    why do i have a feeling the topic is same as last year (my impression only cause i was there every event before)
  15. Shoewave

    New to Canjam here, was wondering if tix are available at the door?
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