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CanJam Singapore 2016 Impressions (February 20-21, 2016)

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  1. musicinmymind
  2. NLNH
  3. Layman1

    Haha, more controversy :p
    Personally, I love the comfort, fit and isolation of Comply. Having tried them, I'll never ever go back to silicon ones, even spinfit or whatever, even if that did modify the sound signal slightly.
    After all, a wonderful sound is useless if I can't bear to wear the IEM's in the first place :p
  4. Skyyyeman
    And sound quality with the Comply tips is improved accordingly.
  5. Vaanres
    How about the soundstage between lalay 2 and roxanne 2 ? Are they the same ? Anyone have the comparision of them? Many thanks :)
  6. audio123

    Personally speaking, I feel layla 2 has a wider soundstage and crispier details than the roxanne 2. At the end of the day, I still prefer Rosie because of its superb balance. Lets end this with "sound is subjective. what i perceive it to be may not be what others perceive it to be" [​IMG]
    Vaanres likes this.
  7. Layman1
    Hahaha.. Terms and conditions may apply lol. Always read the small print [​IMG]
  8. audio123

    this statement is crucial LOL
  9. Layman1

    Amen! [​IMG]
  10. nmatheis Contributor

    Not enough disclaimers in the other thread, eh :wink_face:
  11. audio123

    haha yeah
  12. third_eye Moderator
    Hey Guys, 
    Still a little jetlagged but back home after the amazing trip to Singapore! We had a wonderful time at the inaugural CanJam Singapore and can't wait to do it again next year! For now, here is the list of SHaG prize winners that were not in attendance to claim their prizes. The donating exhibitors will be contacted and provided with the SHaG prize winners email info to coordinate the shipping of the prizes. Again, many thanks to all of the exhibitors, attendees, and volunteer staff that made CanJam Singapore such a great experience!
    SHaG ExhibitorPrizeWinner
    Brainwavz AudioBrainwavz XF200Chen S
    Brainwavz AudioBrainwavz XM5Kang Yue H
    Brainwavz AudioBrainwavz HengjaEhva Chun H
    Brainwavz AudioBrainwavz TrussChew Kean G
    Brainwavz AudioBrainwavz TrussMatthaeus Lim Shao M
    Brainwavz AudioBrainwavz Blu200Jayson Chan B
    Dita AudioDita Audio, The AnswerSiegfredo P
    Dita AudioDita Audio, The Answer Truth Edition BalancedLim Zong Y
    Dita AudioAuralic Aries Mini StreamerClarence Lam Ching K
    PendulumicTach T1Leong Hao Ming J
    AV OneRHA M750iLee Woon L
    AAWNebula One In Ear MonitorKevin Kyaw W
    AAWNebula One In Ear MonitorFong Liang Sheng L
    AAWNebula One In Ear MonitorNg Yan F
    AAWNebula One In Ear MonitorHendri T
    AAWNebula One In Ear MonitorChoo Yan R
    AAWNebula One In Ear MonitorDarren Q
    AAWNebula One In Ear MonitorDerek Tay Zhao C
    AAWNebula One In Ear MonitorStefanus H
    AAWNebula One In Ear MonitorDarwin A
    AAWNebula One In Ear MonitorPoon Y
    MezeMeze 99 ClassicsKoh Yong J
    Radius 1HP-NHR11KLee J
    Radius 2HP-NEF11RWu Shao Zong S
    Radius 3HP-TWF31KPeh Cheng H
    Radius 4HP-TWF41RYong Chun Kiat E
    SennheiserHD6Arends V
    SennheiserHD7Joshua Loke Yong E
    SennheiserHD8Ong Jiam X
    Sound AffairsPilxir Elementa AC Power CordTan Wei Ern J
    Music Sanctuary 164audio: 2 driver IEMSean Bryan L
    Music Sanctuary 2Effect Audio - new cable being announced at CJSG16Leong Kowk K
    Music Sanctuary 3Empire Ears - Olumpus Series universal fit IEM cableSean Stephen David Francis T
    Music Sanctuary 4New Hypno amplifier being announced st CJSG16Alvin W
    Music Sanctuary 5Jomo Audio - Jomo 3 IEMPang Zhiying M
    Music Sanctuary 6PWaudio No. 5 IEM CableAlvin Ton Wey H
    Music Sanctuary 7plussound: Copper 26 awg Type 6 Litz IEM cableKen H
    Music Sanctuary 8Custom Art Ei.3Yang Y
    EchoboxFinderLeong Siu L
    Stereo ElectronicsiFi iPurifier 2Muhammad Huzaifah Bin Md S
    Stereo ElectronicsiFi iPurifier 2Low Yu H
    Stereo ElectronicsiFi iPurifier 2Teo Jo Y
    Stereo ElectronicsiFi iPurifier 2Goh Yang X
    Stereo ElectronicsiFi iPurifier 2Richard O
    Atomic FloydSuperDARTS TitaniumAaron Ong Meag Y
    Final AudioHeaven VIIIKattingeri Santosh H

  13. AegisYeo

    Congratulations to all the winners!
  14. Layman1

    Indeed! I feel sad for myself, but very happy for them [​IMG]
  15. Layman1
    I remember at CanJam London 2015, someone won a £2'500 (or was it £3'000) set of Hifiman HE1000 headphones (hope I got the name right!).
    Can't begin to imagine how cool that must feel, so all the best to the winners and hope for some good luck to the rest of us too :D
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