CanJam @ RMAF 2017 (October 6-8, 2017) Impressions!

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  1. Vigrith
    Agreed; the main "contenders" within that bracket are gonna be the ÆON (open), the new AR planars and maybe the LCD2C (if they don't mess it up)/the Elear if it comes down in price for good. I doubt the Sundara is trying to compete there, at least I personally am not ecstatic about the idea of paying 500 bucks for a 400i successor.
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  2. Hansotek
    I like the LCD2, but the ÆON is better in many ways. If you have a good amp and bass is the priority, LCD-2 pre-fazor is a good pick, but the imaging is a bit of a mess compared to the ÆON, which is a more refined all-rounder.

    The dark horse here is the Acoustic Research AR-H1, which I thought was absolutely phenomenal at $599. But my experience with it is limited at this point, I'm not quite sure how it will compare to the ÆON Flow Open... it's going to have to be really good once I get it in a home setting to win that battle.
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  3. Imusicman
    Thank you to whoever provided the Paypal address for Moe.

    Not sure if my Paypal donation will show on the total here but thats not really important right now.

    Get well soon Moe from your Headfier friends here in the UK
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  4. shenanbay
    I see. I have ordered the massdrop liquid carbon. I am also planning on getting a chord mojo. Do you think the aeon will pair good with either of those two amps
  5. Max Choiral
    Can somebody give more impressions on new Fostex TH60RP, please?
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  6. BunnyNamedCraig
    The aeon will be excellent with the mojo
  7. Hansotek
    Yes. Unquestionably.
  8. bronco1015
    I didn't like the hp70 really, to closed feeling imo, I mean it sounded mor closed off than I wanted. felt like there was no where for the sound to go. wasn't looking for that. the m4u8 is closed also, but I didn't go over looking to buy another set of bt headphones. And I haven't heard the hp50. but I think the m4u8 is better over all. the anc on it is a little better I think, but was really good on both the hp70 and m4u8. I think the hp70 is starting at $379, maybe wait 6 months to a year to see if it goes down at all.
  9. LaCuffia
    I just got the AR-H1 yesterday and my initial impression is that it is indeed phenomenal for the price. Great build quality - better than the Aeon closed I had, and a lot of other higher priced headphones for that matter. I wasn't that crazy about the Aeon closed. That's why I wasn't too enthused about the open one and decided to go with the AR-H1.
  10. Li Ching Yuen

    Well the schtick with the HP50 is that it follows the Harman target curve so it's very 'on point'. I like that. I know that it's maybe 60% of the quality of any other open pair that I own but a FR that is 'right' goes a long way for me. Especially when going closed.

    Btw, I don't prefer warm headphones, which the HP50 are a bit (the highs are not recessed which is fantastic).

    I'll definitely wait for the price to soften, retail price of headphones these days is ridiculous.
  11. Zeeke
    Ahh I really wanted to try these at the show and didnt make it to their booth. It was high on my list and I just forgot. I liked the Aeon Closed oddly better than the open but... That was in that noisy room. Really want to try the AR.
  12. twiceboss
    Sorry for late reply! Was not checking the head fi cuz it was too busy haha. To me nothing is lacking. Just a bit smoother maybe. But yea, no serious listening session. Only 1 song and i forgot what song is that. It is super comfy!!!
  13. twiceboss
    T60rp is just so good. It has the fostex sound signature if you ever listen to fostex. Not far away from TH600/610
  14. endgame
    You’ve gotta post some initial impressions now!!!
  15. LaCuffia
    Check the AR-H1 thread - wrote a few posts about it. Great headphone.
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