CanJam @ RMAF 2017 (October 6-8, 2017) Impressions!

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  1. joe Administrator
    If you attended RMAF, but need a profile badge to say you were there, please PM me, and I can get it added for you.

    (Let's not clutter the thread with badge requests...)
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  2. Jack Vang <----Moe's wife

    We're praying for you brotha!
    Last edited: Oct 18, 2017
    Empire Ears Stay updated on Empire Ears at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.

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  3. Zeeke
    I was told it would be around 499.00 by the guys there, but its not set it stone. Dont quote me on that.
  4. Mython Contributor

    Cheers, Jack.

    I've just sent a Paypal donation using the above address.

    I'll be visualising Moe being happy&healthy, during my meditations cheers beerchug EMOTICON.gif
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  5. fzman Contributor
    Me too - sent it to Moe's wife's email - spelled his last name wrong-- oopsie

    Moe - get better soon!!!
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  6. shenanbay
    I see. That doesn't sound too bad. I am trying to find the best under $800. Do you think it'll be a good contender under that price bracket?
  7. Zachik
    I think others are better at $800 and below...
    Mr. Speakers AEON Flow (open or close) are both better, but at $799 (so cost a little more but still in your price range).
    The Sundara is basically an upgraded / improved 400i.
  8. Zeeke
    Im going to preface this by, everyone hears things differently. But... I totally agree, I liked both the open and closed flow better than then Sundara. I would like to listen to them again in a better listening environment, but I listened to them from the same DAP in the same noisy room and I liked the flow better. I am more of a rock guy so take what I say with that in mind.

    For 500 I honestly would buy the Meze Neo classic all day over the Sundara and they are only 300.
  9. shenanbay
    I would like something with better bass and bigger soundstage than the hd6xx. What would be a better option? Aeon open, Focal elear or sundara?
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  10. mandrake50
    I would like to ask, are you referring to the Massdrop Hd6XX.
    It is germane because I have never heard those. I do have the HD600 and HD650. Looking for a frame of reference.
  11. Cagin
    Thank you deeply bro, I didn't own a cc for gofundme. Part of the LCD-i4 money will go straight to him
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  12. shenanbay
    Yes and as far as I know it's the same as the HD650
  13. Hansotek
    Sundara is definitely not a contender.

    +1 for ÆON Open.
  14. shenanbay
    Yeah I'm drawing towards that too. What about the lcd2
  15. mandrake50
    There was lots of discussion about this. The consensus, that I saw, was that they are not the same as the HD650. Probably close though.
    Massdrop was not real forthcoming on the differences...but differences there are.

    I agree... though I have not heard the Aeon open, I have the closed model and have read reports from people that I trust about the differences in the closed. I think it would be something good to listen to. It certainly fits into your price range.
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