CanJam @ RMAF 2017 (October 6-8, 2017) Impressions!

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  1. Andrew Rieger
    Sorry for the confusion, I was asking about the dynamics of the Gilmore Amp.
  2. Zachik
    The Gilmore Lite MK2 is great!!
    I have spent some time with it today, and also A/B against my Schiit Jotenheim. Despite being priced the same, the Gilmore is a big step up. Very pleasant non-harsh sound. Much more detailed than the Jot. Plenty power for 300 Ohm ZMF Atticus. Very low noise floor and very dynamic sound.
    I am definitely a happy camper :)
  3. Effusion
    Below are a few more shots of various gear from the show. I forgot about the JDS Labs and The Auteurs as well as many others, so I've posted them for those interested. Others are just of the show and some of the gear the various headphones were plugged into. Note that some of the amps aren't necessarily from the same manufacturer as the headphones and vice versa.

    JDS Labs

    Always great to see them at the show, I tried their Element stack, the EL DAC and Amp, it sounded really nice for the short time I spent with them. I really had no reference as it was actually the first time I also tried the Auteurs. However, I did try their main unit, The Element, at last year's show and really like it for the money and it did get me interested in the Auteurs.

    EL DAC and Amp stack
    P1110640.jpg P1110644.jpg P1110639.jpg



    Poly - side view









    I really had a great time over at their booth this year. I saw them last year and was seriously impressed by the price of these excellently crafted and really good sounding headphones. Plus they are also so nice and welcoming, both last year and this year. I really liked their hand carved wood on display as well, very cool!




    P1110670.jpg P1110671.jpg


    More shots of the new Auteurs, these below were the same ones from the JDS Labs table and the other three photos from ZMF's table. Believe it or not, they actually look better in person too!
    P1110641.jpg P1110688.jpg P1110690.jpg P1110691.jpg

    Decware Amp - Not sure the exact model, but it sounded really great with the Auteurs in my opinion.



    I'm also planning on posting my impressions soon, within the next few days. Until then... :k701smile:
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  4. nigel801
    Thanks for your feedback I think hype was created by Tyll I am now doubting, I should've trusted my own judgement and have not sold my Ether C flow I deeply regret now.
  5. RHA Team
    Thank you very much! We didn't get the chance to get along to Redrocks, We ended up having an early night on Sunday and planned on going up before our flight on Monday evening. Woke up on the Monday to all the lovely snow so ended up not venturing too far from the hotel. Next year we will get out that way though! Thanks for stopping by, It was great to meet you!
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  6. RHA Team
    Hey guys! Thanks to everyone who stopped by the RHA table over the weekend, We had a great weekend! Those of you who took away a discount code, We noticed some pricing errors on our site and these have now been corrected. The Dacamp L1 is now down to $299 and the CL1 $249 (When you add the 20% discount code that brings them down to $239 and $199 or $440 for both!) If anyone needs a note of the code again just PM me, I have also extended it another couple of days to the 16th in light of the pricing error!
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  7. daniel_hokkaido
    Any thoughts on the Gilmore vs the Burson Soloist mk2? I really like Burson but the form factor of the Gilmore is a definite +

    I need an amp which has the juice for my 6XX as well as working with lower impedence Planars like the Aeon :)
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  8. Matez
    Great work, thank you.
  9. Mark Up
    ECHOBOX VANGUARD - Ali Express Alert

    Go there and search headphones. You will see exactly the same models sold there, and some have found their way to in the USA. I had tried a cousin of these that I got from Amazon (with closed back elongated (but still too small) ear cups) and the sound was just so-so, decent bass extension, but not very warm or useful. I wonder if they're just modding them?
  10. Matez
    Those are some seriously nice impressions, people! Many thanks! I wish I could be there.
  11. MTMECraig
    Here are some shots of the Sennheiser HDV 820 Amp/DAC- IMG_8017.JPG IMG_8018.JPG very pleased to see it has the 4.4 Pentaconn socket. I think that's the correct move forward in the industry. I really dug it with both HD800 and HD800s. I have to say I listened more with the HD800 to try and get a feel for it, but pairings with both were great synergy!
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  12. Arniesb
    Well how it compares with other high end amps like Headamp, Taurus, Violectric?
  13. twiceboss
    less UMPHHH
  14. Arniesb
    Headphones feel underpowered with it or what?
  15. Zachik
    Never auditioned the Burson, so cannot comment vs. Gilmore...
    As for having enough juice for the 6XX - the ZMF Atticus and Auteur were driven very nicely, and they're both 300Ohm. That makes me believe the 6XX would be driven easily, too (also 300Ohm). Have not actually tested this combo, so just an educated guess!
    Lastly, I own the Aeons (closed) and can audition them with the Gilmore tonight.
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