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CanJam NYC 2019 (February 16-17, 2019)

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  1. szore
    Thank you,, I will update my list!
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  2. Niyologist
    There might be some interesting changes for Sunday's weather in NYC.
  3. jazzk
    M8o please don’t tell me where those are. I already know I will blow any preset budget lol. If guys have heard any good over ear nc cans please let me know. I trust most of your impressions but not alltodd aka jazzk
  4. jude Administrator
    New Headphones, Amps, DACs, And More At CanJam NYC 2019 - Head-Fi TV

    NOTE: If you can't see the embedded video above, please CLICK HERE to see the video.

    Focal, HiFiMAN, Abyss, FiiO, Noble Audio, SendyAudio, Audio-Technica, Campfire Audio, Meze Audio, and many others show their latest headphones and gear at CanJam NYC 2019, February 16-17, 2019. We take a look at some of what you'll be able to hear at CanJam.

    New Headphones, Amps, DACs, And More At CanJam NYC 2019 - Head-Fi TV - produced by Brian Murphy, Joe Cwik, and Jude Mansilla
  5. Zachik
    Great video. As usual.
    Thanks Jude! :slight_smile:
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  6. Watagump

    A handout? This is 2019, it should be a CanJam app with GPS locations for all exhibitors.
  7. Andykong
    On top of bring our reference N8 DAP and HA-300 Tube Headphone amplifier to CanJam New York, Cayin will debut a new desktop DAC, iDAC-6MK2 at this event. This is probably the only DAC that provide both Tube and Solid Stage output option at sub-$1000 price range.

    The iDAC-6MK2 is part of our 3-piece i-Series Desktop Personal Audio System, or you can just go for the DAC and iHA-6 headphone amplifier combo if you prefer to use your desktop/notebook as your digital source.


    iDAC-6MK2 Front.jpg
    iDAC-6MK2 Crop 01.JPG
    iDAC-6MK2 Crop 02.JPG
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2019
    Cayin Stay updated on Cayin at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    One little discrepancy in the video @jude The Wooaudio Wa11 Topaz isn't 2 watts @ 100ohms. The prototype called "Passport" was, not anymore. Mike said it drained battery too fast so it's weaker now and sounds better.
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  9. Watagump
    The HPA4 and DAC combo is the setup that will be at the Noble booth also. So you can test IEM's there and full size cans at their booth.
  10. Watagump
    How cool, Scientology has a building right down the street from the hotel, they should get a booth and come recruit.
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  11. m8o
    GPS works inside the middle of a building?
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  12. Watagump

    Yes? :thinking: No? :thinking: Maybe? :thinking:
  13. bigshel99
    It could be our break into Hollywood... I always wanted to be a star! (and then with that fat check maybe I could afford more of the stuff at CanJam too!)
  14. Watagump

    With Noble offering 20% off universals and 15% off a custom Katana or Encore, everyone can afford them :wink:
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  15. K1030
    For real. I just got an email to preorder the Focal Stellia. I maniacally at the price tag.
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