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CanJam NYC 2019 (February 16-17, 2019)

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  1. Watagump

    The tool will be a waste, once I practice eating them all I will have it down.
  2. Niyologist
    I've known Accuweather for at least 14 years. I've even been on their Weather Forums (More accurate source that is gone). Accuweather isn't entirely accurate. I use Dark Sky for a quick check.
  3. m8o
    Wow, forecast went up some ten degrees since a few days ago. Good. But hope it isn't a drenched either.

    I find (local NYC) channel 7, which is Accuweather is still better than channel 4, NBC. I've had a couple weekends ruined years past following NBC forecasting which was way off. Regardless, no forecasting is very dependable over 3 days out.
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2019
  4. bigshel99
    Right now, weather looking like last year's CanJam... reasonably mild and pouring rain. Hopefully rain won't be until late Friday, if at all... wanna enjoy some dry NYC for the day.
  5. Watagump

    I have found that the one thing they get correct a pretty high % of the time is wind. Channel 7 and 4 ABC and NBC I also watch here, online I look at channel 7 which like you said is Accuweather, my MSN homepage weather, fogettaboutit.
  6. m8o
    Really? Looks like something they'll take away from me in LGA or Kennedy.

    I can't believe things I've had taken away from me travelling out of NYC. Yet travelling back out of Palm Beach my mother in-law once had me bring up these huge knitting needles, you would call them spears as I did, and had no problem thru TSA. VERY BIG LOL !
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2019
  7. twister6 Contributor
    Last year was bad, not a snowflake the whole week until Saturday after 4pm started to snow. Took hours to drag my arse back to NJ, driving in a snow blizzard on Turnpike :frowning2:
  8. joe Administrator
    I don't remember snow at all. @twister6, it's your job now to keep the snow at bay. :wink:
    Snow won't bother me, but rain sucks.
  10. Watagump
    Rain is suppose to be back here again on Wednesday, all the way through Sunday. So its possible I might be seeing rain in both NY and when I get back home.
  11. twister6 Contributor
    Don't count on me, Joe, but I will try my best :wink:

    @Niyologist you will be proud of me :D Apparently, you can get the previous weather, so I looked up NY/NJ last year (2018) Saturday 17th. That afternoon was the lowest temp point of the week with snow in afternoon, got worse south of Newark on the way home. The walk (or the drive) down the weather memory lane :p

    Niyologist likes this.
  12. Niyologist
    Oh yeah. I remember that now.
  13. szore
    This is who I am interested in seeing, time allowed...

    64 Audio* YES

    ABYSS Headphones* YES


    Astell&Kern* YES

    Audeze* YES

    Audio 46* YES

    Audio Plus Services (focal) no

    Audio-Technica Maybe

    AudioValve RETAILER NO

    Auris Audio AMPS NO

    Benchmark Media Systems YES**

    Beyerdynamic* YES

    Campfire Audio* YES

    Caprice Audio no

    Cardas Audio no

    Cayin Audio no

    Chord Electronics* HUGO 2 YES

    Dekoni Audio no

    Earsonics* YES

    EarStudio no

    Effect Audio no

    Empire Ears* YES

    Focal* YES

    Final* YES, D8000 headphone.

    FiiO maybe

    Grado YES

    Headamp Audio Electronics retailer NO

    Hifiman* YES

    iFi Audio (amps and dacs) NO

    InEar -- ?

    Innuos no

    Jerry Harvey Audio* YES

    Jomo Audio YES! (3-way hybrid)

    Lotoo YES, player

    Labkable YES. CABLES

    Meze Audio YES EMPYREAN Headphone

    MrSpeakers YES Headphones

    MusicTeck RETAILER YES (Canary 3 way hybrid)?

    Mytek YES, DACS and AMPS

    NAD NO

    Nimbus NO

    Noble Audio* YES (3-way hybrid)

    OBravo* YESSS! (RA)

    Project-Audio Systems NO

    PSB NO

    Qdc MAYBE if time...

    Redscape Audio NO

    RHA* YES CL2

    Rupert Neve Designs NO

    Schiit Audio* YES

    SendyAudio* YES IEM

    Sennheiser* YES

    Soekris NO DACS AMPS

    Sonarworks NO

    Sony* YES!!!



    Swan Song Audio MAYBE AMPS

    The Source AV NO RETAILER

    Ultrasone* YES (Headphones)!

    Unique Melody* YES

    Violectric NO

    Westone* YES

    Woo Audio * YES

    ZMF Headphones* YES
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2019
    Niyologist and K1030 like this.
  14. Watagump
    rantng likes this.
  15. K1030
    I didn't want to sound like a drunk but definitely take a handful of them, a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream, a few ice cubes, and a bunch of vodka, then put it in a blender. Enjoy.
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