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CanJam NYC 2019 (February 16-17, 2019)

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  1. joseph69
    My parts stock room was around the corner on Highlawn & S and some of the guys liked to go there for lunch and I never thought their pizza was good, at all. I went there this past summer with some friends from NC, one who've never been there, and we were all very disappointed.
  2. szore
  3. ralphp@optonline
    I grew up in Brooklyn, not very far from Spumoni Gardens, and back then (we're talking over 20 years ago) it was one of the pizza parlors in all of Brooklyn. Since I haven't been there recently I will take your word for the decline in quality. But hey there's always Lenny's Pizza, made famous in Saturday Night Fever:
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  4. M Siau
    The optical cable or RCA coax can plug into the back of any of the 10+ Benchmark DAC3/HPA4 systems that will be at the show. I will also have several extra cables at the Benchmark booth where we will have a nice selection of headphones to try.
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2019
  5. rantng
    I wouldn’t recommend L&B for anyone looking for “NY style” pizza, they will be severely disappointed/confused. I’m not even sure what to classify their pizza as, as its not a regular Sicilian square either. Ive never been a fan of the pizza, but many of my friends and family do like it. It looks like deep dish, but it’s actually the thick fluffy dough with the crispy crust that gives it the thickness, rather than the cheese and sauce. I will say I love their spumoni and Italian ices though. They actually do have a pretty good full Italian menu; the linguini w/white clam sauce is pretty good.
  6. joseph69
    I think it was 'famous' because of its location back in the day, to be quite honest.
  8. third_eye Moderator
    Here is the Seminar Schedule for next week. Spaces are limited so plan accordingly!

    CanJam NYC 2019 Seminar Schedule

    Join us in the Majestic/Music Box rooms on the 6th floor for a series of interactive discussion panels with some of the industry’s leading experts in audio technology. Always entertaining, extremely engaging, and very informative, these seminars give you a behind the scenes look at the headphone audio industry like nothing else.

    Saturday, February 16

    1pm-2pm Measuring Headphones Today: Precision & Challenges
    Jude Mansilla of Head-Fi.org will examine the level of precision needed to measure today’s headphones and IEMs, modeling human perception, how measurement data is obtained, why headphone measurements matter, and why they sometimes don’t. He'll also discuss some of the new challenges that today's headphones and earphones can present for those who want to measure them.

    2:30-3:30 It’s 2019! So Why Are You Still Measuring Audio Devices Like It’s 1969?
    Audio test methods and techniques have hardly changed in the past several decades. Frequency response is primarily measured using a sine wave stimulus. Distortion is primarily determined using sine waves, with Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) typically being the only result that is published. This presentation will focus on new techniques for characterizing performance of any type of audio device using speech and music to complement traditional audio test and measurement methods. Presented by Dan Foley of Audio Precision and ALMA.

    4pm-5pm Chord Hugo TT 2 Technical Seminar With Rob Watts
    The Chord Electronics Hugo TT2 is much more than a desktop version of the portable Hugo 2. Rob Watts will be talking about the new design and technologies behind the Chord Electronics Hugo TT 2, how it differs from its portable sibling, including a presentation of the Hugo TT 2’s measured performance.

    Sunday, February 17

    12:30-1:30pm Chord Hugo M Scaler Technical Talk With Rob Watts
    Rob Watts will be talking about the importance of transients for auditory perception, and how digital audio has problems in recreating transients accurately enough. He will then talk in detail about the Chord Electronics Hugo M Scaler, which guarantees better than 16-bit reconstruction of transients, with the one-million tap WTA filter employed in the Hugo M Scaler.

    2pm-3pm CanJam NYC 2019 Personal Audio AMA (Ask Me Anything)
    How do headphone engineers achieve their desired tuning? Will digital audio ever approach analog? How much do audio measurements really matter? You have questions. Bring them to the CanJam NYC 2019 Personal Audio AMA, and let our distinguished panel -- Paul Barton (NAD/PSB), Dan Clark (MrSpeakers), Dan Foley (Audio Precision and ALMA) and Rob Watts (Chord Electronics) -- answer them all. This panel will be moderated by Head-Fi staffer Warren Chi.
    Ethan, is the Sennheiser HE-1 making rounds @ this years Canjam NYC?
  10. third_eye Moderator
    Not this time.
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  12. third_eye Moderator
    Show Specials for CanJam NYC! We'll be updating this list over the next week and will also provide attendees with a list at the Registration Desk.

    NYC19_Head-Fi_Header_ShowSpecials copy.jpg

    64 Audio

    20% off the U12t, tio Trio, U18t, and tia Fourte
    Visit booth to enter a giveaway to win a tia Trio, drawing will be on Sunday, February 17th at 3pm. Winner does not need to be present at time of drawing.
    20% off select products
    Free Impressions for custom orders
    Audio 46
    Audio 46 will have multiple giveaways from final, Grado Labs and others. Visit booth for more details.
    10% off CanJam Special, some Manufacturer Restrictions apply.
    Benchmark Media Systems
    10% off all A-Stock products, visit booth for more details
    Visit booth for a chance to win a DAC3 B (winner does not need to be present to win)
    Caprice Audio
    15% off select products
    Dekoni Audio
    First 50 people to visit booth and sign up for email list get a free 4 pack set of Dekoni Nuggets
    Every purchase of the Dekoni Blue gets a free Slappa headphone case
    Raffle each day to give away a pair of Dekoni Blue
    Empire Ears
    15% off universal IEMs and 20% off custom IEMs
    Free Impressions for custom orders
    $279 (plus $10 shipping) show pricing for Sundara (SRP: $399)
    iFi audio
    Visit iFi audio at CanJam NYC and sign up for a chance to win an xCan amplifier, valued at $299. iFi will be giving away one xCAN each day!
    JH Audio
    up to 20% off custom IEMs purchased during the show and free ear impressions
    Free IEM cleanings for current JH Audio customers
    Kimber Kable
    10% off on Kimber Kable products
    Visit the NAD and PSB at Booth C10 and sign up for a chance to win a NAD D 3045 Hybrid Digital DAC Amplifier valued at $700 as well as NAD and PSB headphones valued at up to $400 each
    15% off NAD and PSB headphones
    10% off at the show
    15% off at the show
    15% off storewide with coupon code 2019NYCCANJAM (shop.musicteck.com)
    Visit booth to enter giveaway promotions for: HiBy R3, Shanling ME100, and Cayin N3
    Noble Audio
    15% off customs for Katana and Encore
    20% off universals
    Free qobuz trial subscription - pick up your qobuz trial card at the Registration Desk
    Redscape Audio
    15% off Redscape 3D audio software
    Rupert Neve Designs
    Limited number of RNHP units at $399, visit booth for more details
    30% off old W series line
    25% off of the UM Pro, AM Pro, and custom lines
    Free Impressions for custom orders
    Woo Audio
    10% off on Woo Audio products
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2019
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  13. Watagump
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  15. Watagump

    Just imagine if I really did, or maybe don't, it might be even scarier.
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