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CanJam NYC 2019 (February 16-17, 2019)

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  1. szore
    I'm telling you, feats of strength, it's the only way.
  2. Watagump

    I might have to resort to removing my deodorant, then jogging to JFK from Times Square.
  3. ralphp@optonline
    Indeed it would be quite the hassle especially since L&Bs is all the way out there in Brooklyn, not very far from Coney Island. I was only being a PITA New Yorker.

    I've eaten at John's and it is a very solid choice. The place is rather small and I would imagine that on a Saturday or Sunday in mid-February there will be a long wait for a table. The thing about NYC and pizza is that there are so many very good pizzerias that having to wait a long time is just never worth it. But with enough friends and lots of beer the wait should go by in no time. :beer::pizza:

    So when does the discussion about good Chinese restaurants begin? :ramen:
  4. Watagump

    Having to wait is most definitely a concern, they don't take reservations.
  5. szore
    I live 15 minutes from Coney Island I'm gonna have to try it out...
  6. ralphp@optonline
    You will not be disappointed. Try both kinds of pizza - round and square (as we liked to call them). Also be sure to try some of their spumoni, it's excellent!
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  7. third_eye Moderator
    I remember going to Spumoni Gardens like 30 years ago.....sauce on top square pizza. That place is legendary.
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  8. Watagump
    I am not sure on the head count as of now, but I think we are at 7 minimum. So if you folks in the area think we would be better off going someplace else we can. Lets see what the final number is that Saturday night, people deciding not to come, more deciding to, etc.
  9. rantng
    Maybe they know it's you and bought that seat on purpose :grimacing:
  10. tunes
    I want to make sure I have enough cable choices with me to hook up to exhibitors amplifiers or external DACs fed by my music collection stored on my Questyle QP1R DAP. The DAP has optical out only so will bring TOSLINK cable. I will also bring my CHORD HUGO2 which I think has RCA out. Can I use it with the QP1R if RCA out is needed? What cables in addition to my TOSLINK would be ideal to cover all connectivity issues so I can audition SUSVARA, STAX SR009, MEZE EMPYREAN, and ABYSS AB-1266 PHI CC??

  11. szore
    Meh, I used to live a few blocks from Spumoni Gardens I was never impressed; my daughter even went there on a school trip from p.s. 97 on Stillwell Ave, and I went with them. I didnt think it was a big deal.
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  12. Watagump

    You mean because I am awesome? Or because they want to punish me? By the way, pizza thread is up.
  13. rantng
    :thinking:.....................................or punish themselves? :wink:
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2019
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  14. Whitigir
    Roflmao, the humor is building up quiet nicely! Will be an excellent canjam this year
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  15. K1030
    If you're into comedy, especially imoorvised comedy. Check out the UCB Theatre 555 42nd St. Shows at 730 and 9. Support my alma mater. Bring your pizza.
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