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CanJam NYC 2019 (February 16-17, 2019)

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  1. Watagump

    It was either the Hudson or East River.
  2. szore
    I would vote Irish Pub, it's a great place, 5 star....
  3. Watagump

    I vote for the one with the hottest easiest girls. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: None of them will be able to resist my West Coast charm.
    Lol, well, strip-club and some American Dollars and you'll get what you wanted.
  5. szore
    If your budget is only $200, good luck! No money, no honey!
    PeteSTRADAMUS likes this.
  6. Watagump

    That's the pizza budget, I am sure I can find a good coupon for the strip club.
  7. Watagump
    Manhattan weather said you guys had a high of 65 today, we are expecting a high of 54 here, so its colder here. See, I can handle temps even colder than NY. :astonished:
  8. szore
    It was absolutely beautiful today, Sunday was nice too...
  9. szore
    I just got word, BabyMetal will be performing at the Canjam NYC 2019!!!

    Frankie D likes this.
  10. Watagump

    I cant wait to see them, I mean who? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  11. Whitigir
  12. gc335
    gc335 -L-1
  13. AxelCloris Administrator
    I wish...
  14. m8o
    I'm sorry for asking again if already asked and answered.... But I need to know that if tickets are purchase now, it will not be mailed to my billing address (as I won't be there to pick it up and have it before the show)? I pick it up at the check-in desk, correct? Much thanx.
  15. m8o
    Disclaimer: No flying bugs were harmed in the making of this video... :wink:

    Kidding, right?
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2019
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