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CanJam NYC 2019 (February 16-17, 2019)

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  1. tunes
    Understood but can’t remember if I actually bought one. Senior moment.
  2. Watagump

    Check your bank statement or CC account.
  3. Giraku
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2019
  4. EarDrumExplode
    EarDrumExplode - M-1
  5. m8o
    Thought I'd missed the deadline. Glad to see I didn't... my reservation:


  6. gc335
    Just a quick update if you are interested in a new CIEM at CanJam....

    JH Audio and Empire Ears will be doing impressions at CanJam. There may be others.
  7. Watagump
    Just a heads up on pizzafest 2019, if everyone does come its going to be a decent size group, invites also may not be done yet. So, I am going to cap my money at $200 that I spend, so anyone who wants to come within reason is still invited. Anything over that, you crazy kids and pitch in for, thanks.
  8. szore
    I got you.
    Watagump likes this.
  9. Watagump
    We have also discussed going out after pizza, so I will let the folks that live there decide where. Lets just have a great time, at least one other person got added to the group today, maybe 2.
    Out where? boats & hoes? lol.
  11. Watagump

    Boats in Times Square? This I gotta see.
  12. szore
    I know a great place with good food and lots a spacy tables to hang out in.....


    There is also a great Irish Pub right across the street from Audio 46...

    Yeah, it's a little cold out here for this stuff. There is that nasty dirty river next to the Island.
  14. Watagump

    Is that the one Kramer swam in on Seinfeld? I know its one of them.

    You folks can come up with something, I trust you, I hope. :fingers_crossed:

    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 6, 2019
    I don't watch Seinfeld, but are you referring to the Hudson? That is the really dirty one lol. And hopefully going out I don't get too intoxicated because I still have to make it to the Port Authority and take a bus back home to NJ.
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