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CanJam NYC 2019 (February 16-17, 2019)

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  1. third_eye Moderator
    Meze Audio added to exhibitor list!
  2. third_eye Moderator
    Astell&Kern and Noble Audio added to exhibitor list!
  3. hotdog108
    That's excellent news, hopefully Noble brings their new flagship Khan to the show!
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  4. NovaFlyer
    Looking forward to trying the A&K SP1000M. Hope Empire Ears returns this year - then I'm all set on the gear I want to try.
  5. Watagump
    Are these events worth going to? :thinking: Hows it going Ethan? :v:
  6. Watagump
    Flight and room booked.
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  7. hotdog108
    Excellent, I'll see you in NY:ksc75smile:
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  8. Watagump
  9. Watagump
    If anyone is arriving in NY at 3:32 via JetBlue and wants to share a cab to Times Square, shoot me a PM.
  10. VandyMan
    I know Jet Blue uses JFK, but a reminder for anyone trying to meet you that NYC has two airports (plus Newark in NJ). At that hour, the subway will be faster and is pretty easy from JFK, if you don't have a lot of luggage.
    Last edited: Dec 16, 2018
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  11. Watagump

    Hmm, I only have a 21" carry on. I will look into that, thanks.
  12. hotdog108
    I wouldn't recommend the taxi on a weekday as well, although weekends should be fine. If you're coming in on Friday, then definitely take the subway into times square, the taxi is going to be a nightmare.
  13. Watagump
    A chick on youtube says use the air train to Jamaica Station then take the subway to Penn. Walk from there to the hotel in Times square?
  14. hotdog108
    Take the air train to Jamaica, then take the E train to Time Square, Penn is one stop after, wrong stop.
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  15. Watagump
    So, same thing she said just get off before going to Penn?
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