CanJam NYC 2017 Impressions Thread!

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  1. jinxy245

    Hey you're only human...I didn't think to take any pictures at all, so...thanks sharing them though!
    Nice write-up anyways. Is it 2018 yet? Hope Canjam comes to the city next year.
  3. third_eye Moderator
    It certainly will, will update this thread when I have more details. 
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  4. tuxbass
    Whoa nice !!
    Count me in already [​IMG]
    Don't forget that free shirt for me. Since i was like the only pre-order member who's 3x disappeared lmao. 
  6. jinxy245

    Do you mean the Audeze (LCD 3 I think) instead of the Sony with the Mytek?
    (And its the JPS Labs Abyss btw....not Dharma Acoustics)
  7. third_eye Moderator
    For sure....something tells me you're not going to let us forget that :)
    This time I'm gonna set your shirt aside and wrap it individually.
    You created a monster. lol I'm just kidding, But nobody is going to forget. Not on my watch. My watch just started lol
  9. doctorjazz

    I corrected it last night (didn't find the Sony error, have to look more closely :wink:

    I had put the Onkyo DAP picture where I wanted to put the Opus #1 and #2 daps...
    More to fix, never done.
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  10. doggiemom

    I was apparently the only pre-order member who ordered a small.  I was so excited during registration that I forgot to ask for the shirt.  It was waiting for me later.  [​IMG]
  11. ironpeg
    Anyone knows when is Canjam RMAF this year?
  12. austinpop
    This is just a wild guess, but I suspect strongly that it is during RMAF, which is October 6-8th this year.
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  13. m8o

    Having missed an enormous number of things in the 12 hrs over two days I spent at this NYC event, having it on its own weekend isn't a bad idea. :wink: At least you note 3 not 2 days.
    Mines was lost. Never to be seen again. And i think i was one of a very few of 3x and no cigar. That's just my luck.
  15. Darkestred
    Thank you for the badge.
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