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CanJam NYC 2017 Impressions Thread!

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  1. joe Administrator
    It's about to begin! Post your impressions here!
  2. third_eye Moderator
    WOW, thanks to everyone who has contributed to this thread so far! Just getting back into the swing of things after the very busy CanJam NYC weekend and special thanks to all of the volunteers that helped make this event such a great success. I'm very pleased to say that CanJam NYC was the biggest CanJam we have ever done with over 2000 people in attendance! Even more impressive was the great atmosphere and vibe during the event which was just so much fun. Below are links to photos from the event as well as press coverage. Can't wait to do this again next year, and yes, we will be doing CanJam NYC 2018! Stay tuned for more details!

    CanJam NYC 2017 Press Coverage: http://www.canjamglobal.com/press
    CanJam NYC 2017 Photos: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B6oCfj7iiOMZMFU1czRhM3hHeVE?usp=sharing

    [IMG ALT=""]http://www.head-fi.org/content/type/61/id/1813995/
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  3. Stillhart
    Subbed! Super bummed I can't be there so I'll live vicariously through the impressions thread.
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  4. paulgc
    Would really appreciate any info on the Chord (Mojo) Poly and Hugo2 posted to their respective threads from anyone there. Pretty sure Chord is their correct??? @jude really looking forward to a dedicated Poly video. How soon?
  5. gndixon
    Yes Chord is there with both the Hugo2 and Poly. Poly looks nice and seems a solid connection to the Mojo -- they also have the case for the combined Mojo + Poly. Only concern is then its pretty long -- not really that pocketable, but YMMV.
    Didn't listen to either as not enough time -- plan to head back tomorrow -- really more interested in listening to Dave (though maybe not a good idea since I already have Mojo and Hugo TT, and had a Hugo 1)....
  6. akira281
    It's not exactly what I hoped for. As expected it was crowded. It wasn't extremely loud but loud enough to interfere with listening that could lead one to buying decision. I found the exhibitors pleasant and helpful, where possible.
    I went specifically to listen to portable tube amps and full size headphones. I brought along my portable dac/player and my current amp. The only portable amps I found were at the ALO station. They had the dual mono and the Continental V5 which I wanted to listen to given the favorable mentions here. I came away very unimpressed by the V5 which was a significant step down, but I was favorably impressed with dual mono, which held its own with my current amp. But given its size, more than twice that of the V5, and the rather hefty price tag of $1500 I don't think I will budge. I didn't find the Fostex, another contender from a couple years ago that had also gotten good press.
    Off of the main room there were other exhibitors, notably, in that last room, the Sennheiser HE-1 where you needed an appointment for a few minutes of demo time. It reminded me of the Orpheus so many years ago, except less impressive looking. I wasn't familiar with the five tracks played but to me it sounded sweet and smooth but not dynamic or exciting enough. 
    And where was Stax? Pretty much nowhere. The 009 was demoed at the HeadAmp booth but no other model. I had hoped to hear the newer 007. You'd think that Stax would have set up an exhibit, after all  Sennheiser was represented at a few places not including its own. BTW, not one Grado either which was surprising being that the company is located right across the Brooklyn Bridge.
    The biggest gripe I had at the show was all the less-standard interfaces used. Most of the attendees I saw many who brought there own sources but these did not work at many exhibitors - no 1/8" stereo jacks. Many were forced to use mostly the exhibitor's own iPads with lightning outs and horrible app interfaces which where difficult to find the music they wanted to demo. Other stations, like Mr. Speakers, used balanced connectors for the headphones so I was unable to demo them in a controlled setting. They also had one portable for a source, an Astell & Kern (another horrible confusing interface, btw) but using an optical out. I think the exhibitors should anticipate that attendees want bring there own music sources and be accommodative to that.
  7. fuhransahis
    Take this with a grain of salt as I'm new to this and as such can't give you detailed impressions, but I was considering saving up for the Hugo 2, but didn't hear enough of an improvement to warrant paying the extra 1800 when I have the Mojo.

    I asked why Poly was priced so high and they said cause of the tech...

    But the Dave... wow. That was incredible. I think I heard the best SQ from that vs anything else at the show, using the Audeze LCD (4? Sorry not sure), Utopia included. Now if they paired the Utopia with the Dave...
  8. memebyull
    The last part really frustrated me as well. With the exception of IEMs, most stations only catered to Apple devices or simply did not allow for you to use your own source. I had hoped that each station would at least have Tidal available instead of a small selection of demo songs.
    The noise level also made it hard to judge minute differences, but I still enjoyed the overall experience.
  9. fuhransahis
    On another note, I bought the Campfire Vega, it's on sale for $1100 no tax. It made other iems sound crammed and flat.

    But of note they have they over ear prototype on demo... I had to take it off because I can't afford another audio purchase at this price for now and it would've led to a poor financial decision... but man those sound great, and I'm sure they'll only improve.

    Count me in on team Campfire. Btw Ken is a super humble and cool dude. Keep up the awesome work!
  10. Niyologist
    I have tons of pictures and impressions. I'll post them later.
  11. moedawg140 Contributor
    Thanks to the Head-Fi Global Team for putting CanJam NYC on!

    This will be epic!

    For those that would like to have some extra fun during CanJam NYC:

    SPiN New York is a happening place where people can eat scrumptious food, play ping pong, and have a good time with friends!

    SPiN New York is located at 48 East 23rd Street, New York, NY 10010, about 1.6 miles away from the CanJam NYC location, even closer than Bounce (Ping Pong establishment) was to CanJam London!

    Here's a few festive pics of the facility (check this post for the pics):


    Just like the last ping pong showdown, we can meet up starting at 7:30pm. I'll be paying for a table (each for an hour is $49). If there are a lot of people that arrive we can split the cost for another table.

    Looking forward to seeing those that can make it, there!
  12. wasupdog
    when the mojo came out people thought there wasn't much of a difference between it and the hugo.  as time goes on and people have a chance to compare them then they start posting that there is a sound difference which is probably harder to hear in a loud convention setting.  the question is whether the sound difference is worth the price to you. 
    i wonder what the difference is now between the hugo 2 and the hugo tt.  jude said the hugo 2 already sounds better than the original. 
  13. 8thcross
    I visited my first ever can jam today with my son, and it was an awesome experience. Unable to post images to this forum though....since i have not done any posts i guess...
    here are some images - 
    The person fitting the VR headset for the VR headset (HTC Vive +Audezee) - is Shankar T, the CEO/founder of the company.
  14. talan7
    Just came back from CanJam NY. I had a blast! I broke down and ordered the Effect Audio Thor iem cables when I heard what they did to my SE846...phenomenal. The Meze 99 Classics are really good headphones, and the price is right. Got to listen to some Campfire iems. I listened to the bassiest ones I was told, the Dorado and Vegas...really nice. The one that really blew me away was the 1More triple driver. I put them on and my jaw dropped, I purchased them on the spot for a show price of $85. Believe me, these things blow away iems many times the price.
    The highlight of my day though was after listening to the Cardas A8 and EM5813. Stephen Ambrose was at the booth and wanted me to audition the new Adel in ear monitors. I sat with him for over a 1/2 hour listening to all his different Adel options he's developing with Indiegogo. I had been eyeing the Adel campaign and even posed the question here if anyone knew anything about it. Well, I'm sold. The adels he let me listen to were really good, especially with the cardas speaker. He's a really nice, humble guy, and I was impressed with his passion. He recorded me, took my pic and asked for my permission to be placed on the website. I gave it and told him I would back the campaign. He's going to be selling all different types of adel modules to get differ sound signatures...really good stuff.
    Daps I listened to:
    Fiio X5 gen 3 and X7: The X5 gen 3 sounded better. I don't know which amp the X7 had. The new AK chip with velvet sound is really smooth, especially balanced out.
    The opus II: sound is phenomenal, but no streaming, so not for me
    The new Sony daps: ridiculous sound. They just look like sex, the build quality, they are so heavy. I don't know what's inside. Musical gold?
    Heard the iSine 10, Didn't get a good seal so my impressions weren't fully realized.
    On another note, I've had my new TFZ 5S burnin for over a day now. I like them, but need more time.

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  15. wellers73
    My first CanJam and I really enjoyed myself. As others have said, it can be difficult to test open back headphones for obvious reasons. It's not really that noisy, and people try to be aware of noise levels, but it can still be frustrating. Luckily, I'm equally interested in closed back headphones and IEMs, so there was still a ton for me to enjoy. It's definitely not too noisy to hear subtle differences between IEMs.

    Most enjoyable was how very friendly everyone was - exhibitors, attendees, organizers, and press. Thanks to everyone!
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