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CanJam London 2019 (July 27-28, 2019)

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  1. glassmonkey
    See y'all there.
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  2. tigerfish66
    First time attending in 2019, i am planning to demo and purchase a set of cans at the show, do i need to book demo's or just line up to demo and buy ?
  3. HungryPanda
    just turn up and browse around
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  4. dadracer2
    What lectures/seminars are planned for London?
  5. third_eye Moderator
    Guys, here's the Seminar Schedule for CanJam London 2019. Spaces are limited so plan accordingly!

    CanJam London 2019 Seminar Schedule
    Come join us in the Plaza 12-13 Suites on the Lower Lobby level (-1) directly above the main exhibit area of CanJam London 2019 for a series of interactive discussion panels with some of the industry’s leading experts in audio technology.

    Saturday, July 27

    1pm-2pm The Move to Mass Premium: In Numbers
    New products from the likes of professional and traditional audio brands to tech titans are all entering the premium headphones market which almost doubled in size at 90% in 2018 to be a $7bn category. The future potential for this category remains just as bright with new competition driving innovation in lossless audio, new form factors, wireless features, external amplifiers, sensors, voice control and other smart features. In this presentation Futuresource, a key strategic partner for the most recognised brands within audio, will dissect the Premium Headphones market in numbers, and explore its potential moving forward.

    2:30-3:30 DAC Design - Part 1: Interpolation Filters
    Chord Electronics Lead Designer, Rob Watts, talks about interpolation filters, which are at the heart of all DACs, and why they are crucial subjectively. Rob will also explain what a tap is, and discusses the importance of transients from a perception point of view.

    4pm-5pm Headphones: Targets & Measurements
    Join legendary headphone designer Axel Grell as he looks to ask questions and make proposals for answers regarding perceived sound and measured data. What is the target for the sound of a headphone? What influences the perceived sound? How can sound be measured? What does a universal target curve look like? These and other questions will formulate the basis for conclusions on how data might be put together in the future to get a more clear idea of how a headphone might sound.

    Sunday, July 28

    12:30-1:30pm DAC Design - Part 2: Conversion
    Rob continues the discussion and looks at various ways to convert digital data to analogue, with pros and cons on each approach. He also talks about why DACs have such a big impact on performance, and what objective criteria are important for high end audio.

    2pm-3pm A New Chapter in Headphone Technology - the first full range AMT headphone
    Transducer technologies in speakers and headphones are either electrodynamic systems, coming in the voice coil, planar or pure ribbon flavor, and electrostatic devices, all existing in both product categories. In the last decades the Air Motion Transformer, originally invented by the German physicist Oskar Heil, took a different approach. It found its way in a compact form into new tweeter designs based on the original work of the author. By introducing VVT® or Variable Velocity Transform, the original AMT concept is expanded by replacing the fixed geometric structure of conventional AMT drivers by folds that vary both in width and depth, thus varying the AMT specific velocity transform over the frequency range. Dr. Frederik Knop from HEDD presents the technology behind the HEDDphone ONE, the first full range headphone based on the Air Motion Transformer principle.
    Last edited: Jul 14, 2019 at 10:41 AM
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  6. third_eye Moderator
    Great timing, Seminar info posted!
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  7. pedalhead Contributor
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  8. dadracer2
    Thank you sir.
  9. dadracer2
    Sorry, me again. Well I guess if Axel Grell is coming then Sennheiser will be too. Are they doing an HE1 room thing again or not?
  10. PhilW
    I thought Axel left Sennheiser
  11. ElectroMod
    Oh no, if i knew Pedalhead was coming i would have made other plans :wink:
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  12. pedalhead Contributor
    haha love you too matey. Beers on Sat I hope!
  13. ElectroMod
    Yes please to a beer and love to catch up
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  14. Musicdiddy
    Does anyone know if cable manufacturers like Brise Audio have their products available to purchase on the day?
  15. Fawxy
    This will be my first CanJam and I'm particularly interested in trying out a bunch of IEMs - should I bring my own tips or anything like that? What's the protocol with trying out IEMs? Made an account just to ask this :grimacing:
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