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CanJam London 2019 Impressions thread

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  1. twister6 Contributor
    Curious, what IEMs did you use when listening and comparing M11 to M11 Pro? When you say clean/black background, though not as bad as X5iii it replaced, M11 has a noticeable hissing with sensitive IEMs (Andro, Solaris, U18t, Fourte, etc) and a bit of a flat low-end response. I'm curious if they stepped it up with M11 Pro, though it's not their flagship DAP and I guess they do need to leave some room to wow their customers with the next flagship :)

    I think someone mentioned that design is identical except they took away one micro SD slot, thus I assume it still has 2.5mm and 4.4mm balanced outputs (very convenient, imho), but I hope someone who attended the show can confirm. AMP9 (iBasso) only has 3.5mm because there is only room for a single NuTube, the same way Cayin N8 routes the output of NuTube only to 3.5mm jack.

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  2. wazzupi
    Thats why ill never buy a dap from them.
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  3. ubertriad
    Another fun CanJam! A quick summary of my notes:

    I tried almost all bluetooth headphones I could find (Mobius, Auido Technica MSR7B and DSR7BT, Almiron, EH3 NC), and found them all lacking in max volume. I'm really surprised it's not a more common complaint. I recently returned Sennheiser MTW for the same issue.

    Fiio are going to have some trouble with the EH3 NC if they keep using those horrible earpads. They make a squishing sound, enough to evaporate any feeling of quality.

    Really, really liked the chord mojo/poly combination, brought a smile to my face. Very sad that it's wifi focused and doesn't support aptx/ldac (only SBC), what are they thinking? Would have bought on the spot.

    I was quite negative on the Fiio Q5 last year, but I can see now that they are filling a niche that no-one is trying to enter. It sounded better this year, probably due to the AM3E amp, whatever they had attached last year wasn't doing the Q5 justice. I'm really tempted to pick this up and an AM5 module. The bluetooth was a little flaky though, it was only working thorugh LDAC with my Samsung S10e, aptx was breaking for some reason.

    Fiio BTR5. This was interesting, they bumped up the power compared to the other BTR models. I can see them pricing it at £100+, worth it? Maybe.

    Didn't bother too much with IEMs this year, since buying the IMR R1 last year. Did a direct comparison with the Atlas, save your money, the copper filters on the R1 is close enough.

    The Solaris sounds great, although surprisigly bulky/awkward. If you can afford it, an easy recommend.

    Not sure why Campfire Audio thought we needed a custom version of the Atlas, it was already so small and convenient. The Equinox sounds as expected, so it's fine I guess.

    Finally tried the Cascades and can confirm they are better than the Sony MDR-1AM2 (which I also returned recently), to reference a recent thread. Not as much bass as people make out, but still more than most. Less sibilant than the Sony's, which is nice. The price is insane for what you're getting though, £300 would be about right. The way the cables point forward is awkward AF, I don't make headphones, but it's hard to understand what was wrong with straight down.

    Shure SE535 and SE846. I moved away from balanced armatures a few years ago, these were a reminder of why. Pure balance armatures just sound lifeless to me, it doesn't matter how many of them there are or what techniques are used.

    Shure KSE1200. I had a little trouble with these, they kept distorting, even at a reasonable volume. Didn't blow me away, maybe they were broken.

    Astell&Kern Kann Cube. Giant, heavy block of metal with sharp edges. As relevant to me as the $7.5K Conrad-Johnson amp with the burning hot volume knob...

    Glad I went this year, can't wait until next year!
  4. Leetransform25
    Yes, I knew what you were trying to ask, I just simply referred to it as headphone jack. Sorry for any confused caused

    Would you consider the Cascade and the 1AM2s to have similar sound signatures by any means?

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  5. Luvdac
    I was hoping it would find a release at the london canjam....pity.
  6. Deftone
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  7. MaxD
    Damn, I total missed them :frowning2:....
  8. Leetransform25
    Great, just what I didn't want to hear. I want the Pro now :laughing:
    Last edited: Jul 27, 2019
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  9. justin w. Contributor
    Peter has one of our KANN Cubes at the HeadAmp booth as well!
    Last edited: Jul 28, 2019
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  10. DecentLevi
    The team at Heinz Electrodynamic Designs worked tirelessly the last few weeks to put the finishing touches on their prototype "HEDDphone". Anyone gotten the chance to put it through the paces or at least a brief try? And what about that electrostatic listening booth?
  11. Laurence11
    Initially listened to it with my sons Sony MDR-7506 out of the 3.5mm, as such a neutral headphone is perfect to show a daps capability’s. And it really did as I put. Then I tried it with the FH7’s they had and my own Jupiter’s. Didn’t notice any hissing but can’t guarantee as noisy place and I was just too happy at what I was hearing to care either way.
    As for your low end question, that was the part that took my by surprise first. Was listening to Eagles ‘Hotel California’, and the low end thump at the beginning of that song was pure desktop produced. And don’t get me started on the vocals. Like I said, pure emotion.

    As for Fiios ‘flagship’ in the near future, I can’t even imagine what they will do there to beat the Pro. Just suffice to say Fiio are steadily becoming to my eyes and ears the company to go to above all in the dap market.

    I applaud them and thank them (@JamesFiiO) on their dedication to bringing us such good products.
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  12. episiarch Contributor
    hifiheadphones.co.uk has some deals which will continue post-show. Use code CANJAM19 for 20% off on these makers:
    • Shanling
      • Except M2x, which on the flyer is £125 instead of £199.99, so that's 37.49% off
    • Final
    • Periodic Audio
    Their offer runs until 5 August.

    I think it's just 3.5 unbalanced.

    It's conceivable (though unlikely) that it had 2.5 balanced and I didn't notice. But it definitely doesn't have 4.4.

    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 29, 2019
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  13. acygni
    It has been confimed 3.5 + 2.5 balanced theres a video showing it:
  14. dsrk
    I totally agree...with M11 and FH7 FiiO made this business seriously competitive and that's a great sign for us.
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  15. Luke-
    67F3DBC1-6561-4EF8-AD6C-93E583F6D778.jpeg This is the leaflet from FiiO on th m11 pro
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