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CanJam London 2019 Impressions thread

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  1. glassmonkey
    From Lonely Island - Great Day

    On further listening, I think the drums are a bit forward. Decay on the drums is very natural. Tonally these are spot on in this track, but they could probably use a little de-emphasis of the snare drum. Listening to Wandering, the bass has good extension on these, but doesn't have the addictive rumble of the Jomo Trinity Brass. Piano on Rebecca Pidgeon - Raven (24/88) the piano gentle sounding on the Noir with softened edges exhibited on the piano and on strings.

    Tia Fourte (the original)
    Percussion in Wandering is more rounded and less hard and snappy on the Tia Fourte. Bass is slightly less extended vs. the Noir. Neither of these accomplish a big addictive sub-bass rumble.


    On Quadrant 4 the mids sound more organic on the Tia Fourte, less strident in places. The Noir has a bit more open sound on guitar with and a touch more upper mid energy alongside a touch more treble. The sound of the Tia Fourte on Rebecca Pidgeon - The Raven has a lovely sweetness and a nice holographic presentation.

    Comparing Macy Gray - The Heart on the Tia Fourte Noir and the Fourte, the Noir has really nice cymbal shimmer and a round fulsome sounding bass. The Fourte has a slightly dryer vocal, giving more of Macy's trademark raspiness. Bass sounds slightly more layered and well-defined on the Fourte.

    I'd pick the Fourte more often than the Fourte Noir.

    I also did a brief comparison to the U18t. I didn't get the weird phasing issues I got in 2017, and I quite liked the U18t, but I'm still a Tia Fourte guy.

    When I got to FiiO there were only a few minutes left in the show, and they were already tearing down. They had already sold their M11Pro (must not have further tweeks to make) that they had at the stand, so I didn't get to listen to that. Instead I picked up and listened to their stupendously specced up FiiO BTR5. this little dongle can operate as a USB DAC or as a Bluetooth player with built in HiRes wireless codecs like AptX HD and basically everyone's favourite wireless codec, LDAC. The DAC/Amp built in has enough juice to drive the WAVAYA Octa. It has a 32 step volume control, which is an improvement over the 16 step control standard to most Bluetooth headphones. It would be nice if the 64 step volume control step Shanling UP2 volume control was on every Bluetooth device.

    My brief general impression is that the FiiO warmth to the sound signature is still present. The BTR5 also comes with good headspace and bass response. It is a nice little set-up. I should be reviewing the BTR5 in the future from HiFiGo, an online retailer.



    On Wandering I get good, but not spectacular performance. The bass has some nice size, but isn't hugely deep and textured. These are on the warmer side, but don't sound too warmed up in the mids. Drums and other impactful instruments come through as expected: SNAPPY!

    The vocal on Violent Femmes - American Music is smooth and warm. Percussion sounds punchy with chooglin' (groovy!). These have a nice punchy sound with good refinement, but I don't think they are world beaters. The vocals on Rebecca Pidgeon - The Raven are a better fit for the sound profile with the lower mids emphasis of the FH7 lending Rebecca some extra gravitas without sweetening or fattening the tone.

    On Quadrant 4, the set-up can't get fast enough. Cymbals sound a touch splashy, which causes some blending. These aren't speed demons, but they will satisfy on bass for the most part. I hope that next year I'll get more time to hang out with FiiO.
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2019
  2. Light - Man
    How much are we talking?
  3. krismusic Contributor
    Yep. Gisele is great.
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  4. glassmonkey
    I'm forgetting the price as I got a show special one time and then my memory is bad for the other. I think it was one impression for £50, two for £75. She is based in London. I'll see if I can find her business card later.
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  5. Wyville
    If I remember correctly I paid something like £70 and she did two sets (well three, but one set was not good enough for her). One set she sent off to Custom Art where I had ordered my CIEMs and the other she stored for two years in case I wanted anything else. The thing that kept me coming back though was that Gisele offers a level of service that is absolutely 5-star. She really goes above and beyond to deal with any issues you might have, or if you want specific demo units she does not have herself. Heck, I spoke to Vision Ears, a brand she does not even carry, and they still managed to get me their entire line to demo because Gisele was happy to receive them (I did not ask!). So I spent an hour or so in the comfort of her Harley Street waiting room trying out all the goodies VE sent over.

    Her website: http://www.aid2hearing.co.uk
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2019
  6. Oscar-HiFi
    They just keep coming:

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  7. Wyville
    That's really cool to start out like that! A lot of work, no doubt, but it must be so rewarding when friends go like... "That sounds really good!"
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  8. Taisser Roots
    Favourite headphone was the HEDDphone, favourite amp was the raggy 2,
    Iems weren't something I really went around swapping.

    Glenn was at the zmf booth, so I don't think anyone wanted to ask if they could try it on the amp
  9. Jack S
    Hi everyone – we've a fantastic opportunity for headphone enthusiasts – we're looking for a new full-time Retail Manager at Spiritland in London.

    Here's the job description – you'd be looking after our shop in Mayfair, plus products in Spiritland bars as well as our webshop.

    Please send CVs / any questions to sophie@spiritland.com.

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  10. RestlessZombi
    So wish I had more retail experience.. Why did I have to go in to IT Support... :frowning2:
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  11. tuby sound
    Headphones and Japanese whisky... NIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICE

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  12. MadDane
    Beautiful Store!!! Just added your addresses to my bucket list when in the UK next time!!
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  13. HungryPanda
    Japanese wood headphones and Scottish Single Malt whisky is more my choice
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  14. Zachik
    ZMF headphones with Scottish single malt. End game! :wink:
  15. tuby sound
    You guys should get into Irish Whiskey... while it's still affordable :wink:

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