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CanJam London 2018 Impressions Thread (July 21-22, 2018)

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  1. AndrewH13
    Rob’s been using it with the Hugo 2 the past couple of months. On plane journeys!
  2. emrelights1973
    What was FiiO new product?
  3. Jawed
    Some Final IEMs are 50% off at the show: e.g. FIBASS. I enjoyed D8000 and would like to listen to it more seriously some time.

    Mr Speakers VOCE was splendid to listen to and very comfortable and light. I managed to forget to return to listen to VOCE on all three of the amps, so only heard it with the "introductory" amp, whose name I didn't catch. Had a good long chat with Dan, not all headphones related!

    I would also like to spend more time listening to Meze Empyrean, very good first impression. I liked the build, "low" weight and comfort.

    I was at the Hugo M Scaler launch, where lots of tasty morsels of technical info were revealed. And also spent a while talking to Rob, with more nuggets of fascinating insights. The finish on the black Hugo M Scaler case is quite different from the Hugo TT 2. This seems like a mistake. I prefer the semi-smooth finish of TT2 over the coarse finish of M Scaler. I wonder if Chord will harmonise the case finishes?

    The Plaza suites, where the "quiet rooms" are, is the place to go to hear the best of Headamp, My Speakers, Stax, Meze, Sonoma.

    I managed to forget to listen to Abyss Phi CC, which was annoying.

    Very impressed by the weight reduction of Audeze 4Z versus 4 and definitely preferred 4Z over MX. Not convinced Audeze's sound is for me though.

    I'm guessing Sunday will be when it gets really busy as today wasn't heaving...
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  4. Nicholasheadfi2
    Can jam London was a great meet this year with all the latest and greatest gear to play with and enjoy
    Was glad to be a part of it today tomorrow will be another wonderful day , today I had the the great pleasure of meeting Nicholas from focal “ great guy great product .
    Soon as I walked into the great hotel park plaza I new I was in for a treat this year like every year that I have been
    The first booth that I visited was the booth of electromod which are always a pleasure to talk too , what I noticed is that they had the dekoni ear pads which I have for my hd650s and are a great product very well made top class pads so I purchased another pair for my audeze lcd3s which haven’t come yet I’m itching which I purchased from hifonix which funny enough was there too and I had the pleasure of talking to aseem their main sales rep , what a gentlemen .
    He was very helpful on a lot of topics very knowledgeable and would deffo recommend taking a visit to his booth if your there today .
    Moving on to what I thought would blow me away but fell short for my ears I just didn’t get it maybe the noise in the venue but the noise did not effect my opinion on othe gear in the show today , I am talking about the shangrila jr and senior I spent about 20 mins on that 18000 dollar headphone and just sounded dry and dull to me , then again I’m wondering about the set up ? You have a system totalling roughy 26000 dollars and the dac used was a little portable player I believe was the cayen i5 to me that just doesn’t do it justice not when they had a chord Dave sitting there doing nothing just lookin pretty .
    I want to hear systems at there full potential and not running 6000 dollar systems on portable devices I understand there are some powerful players outthere Astell and kern to name a few but come on guys that to me is not optimal in any sense of the word .today when I visit I will ask for the Dave to be hooked up with the shangri la sure they will be helpful in doing so .
    The headliner for me would be the lcd3 , hifiman he1000 v2 and stax but they failed to show ?
    Hope tomorrow will be a great day take care all love the hobby love life .
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2018
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  5. austinpop
    I know Sennheiser are not at the show, but did any of the other exhibitors have an HD820 in their display? I only saw a few HD800Ses.
  6. Kakki
    How is he powering Hugo M-Scaler on airplane? By USB battery? I heard that FPGA in M-Scaler alone would consume about 10w. Am really interested to know how we can use it in mobile situation. Really exciting if we can hear Million taps on the go!
  7. Jawed
    Yes, a big USB powerbank will last for a typical international flight. Though if you fly business class or better, you probably have power at your seat. Rob said he's got about 50 hours of M Scaler flight time now...
  8. Kakki
    Thank you for your information! Really excited to get it for my Christmas present!
  9. BearMonster
    Possible using a powerbank that was designed for laptops.
  10. BearMonster
    Audeze Mobius seems to be a interesting headphone did not listen to music, i much more interested in using it to watch flims and gaming. The headtracking i found was really nice moving my head left to right & up and down to the source of sounds was interesting it defintely is a nice touch not something i would say is not mind blowing but is simply a nice touch.

    The feliks Euforia amp was my favourite otl headphone amp on the show nice smooth sound from the focal clear & the tonality.
  11. Vitaly2017
    Hey when then gona release a new version of mojo???
  12. Andykong
    Let's keep this between us, Big Andy or Fang doesn't need to know this. :beerchug:

    Did they use a desktop player or a notebook as source for the Chord Dave? or did they use the digital out from R2R2000 to feed into the Dave? Actually if you have the Type-C to RCA coaxial cable from us, you can plug in your i5 to any desktop DAC, I used to have that (a DAP and a RCA coaxial cable) with me when I hang around CanJam, I can test IEMs and plug into any desktop rig conveniently with that simple setup.
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  13. Andykong
    As a Cayin rep, I am surprised also but I thought the Cayin i5 was the personal unit of Ithilstone and Dave is their regular setup? You definitely should listen to the shangrila setup with the Dave, electrostatic system need a strong front-end to demonstrate its full glory.
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  14. Andykong
    Duplicated post, sorry.
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2018
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  15. zappazappazappa
    Attended CanJam Saturday. Seemed to be less exhibitors than last year. Echoing comments above I was also disappointed by Sennheiser's non attendance. If there were any 820's at the show I didn't spot any - and I looked hard! Also not impressed when I attended the stand Shure were supposed to exhibiting on only to be told they hadn't bothered showing up but might be there on Sunday - nice one Shure!
    On a more positive note the best sound of the show for me was (no marks for originality) the Chord Hugo TT 2 and M Scaler combo. £7.5 K is a hell of a lot of money but when you're heading into the land of diminishing returns (as I am) they really take resolution to another level - they are the products I most aspire to owning in the next couple of years (hopefully!). Thanks to the Chord Staff for their very helpful demo. To the person above who asked how the M Scaler worked their is now some info up on Chord's website.
    The headphone that most impressed me was the new Abyss Diana. Fed from a laptop into a modestly priced Ifi XDSD amp/dac they sounded very dynamic - full of life, along with high resolution of detail and great imaging. They're surprisingly small, but fit my head well and were the only design to make me think of upgrading my Mr Speakers Ether Flow's - still the best sound per £ IM (not so) HO! I was also impressed by the XI Audio Formula S - but not by the 4K+ pricetag.
    On the IEM front it was nice to see Jerry Harvey Audio exhibiting again. A/B'd my Roxanne II Full Metal Jacket from two and a half years ago to the new Roxanne's - they're a lot lighter and more comfortable to wear and have worthwhile improvements in resolution and speed, but not night and day enough for me to change.
    One IEM which did tempt me (as an alternative but not a replacement) was the Campfire Audio Andromeda. I spent some time auditioning the Andromeda and the new Atlas switching between the two several times an in the end felt the Atlas was the more enjoyable listen. However the Andromeda's have a clarity which is remarkably compelling. They're by no means an easy listening IEM they're full of 'vim and vigour' and not at all forgiving. They're a bit like the musical equivalent of taking a cold shower on a hot day - I know that sounds a bit daft but they're a bracing listen!
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