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CanJam London 2016 Impressions Thread (August 13-14, 2016)

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  1. kazsud

    Oh man!
  2. Deftone
    Sounds like Elear was the most favourable headphone out of the bunch but which iems?
  3. zeissiez

    You are not alone, the 99 were the most over-hyped headphones I heard in recent years.
  4. Rlocksley

    At 1200 bucks, these are out of my price range, my max is around 700 , so I can stay married.
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  5. AR-Voice

    Pah! Trade-in the wife (-: Coincidentally the AR-M20 is $700 USD
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  6. BartSimpson1976
    maybe you are setting the wrong priorities! 
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  7. AR-Voice

    We build the AR players as standalone DAPs and it's because we don't go nuts on rarely used features, that we deliver a compellingly musical sound for the price. Try comparing the sound with Onkyo, Pioneer even A&K 240 and see what I mean. PS the M20 headphone out at max is a very good line-out.
    Q: any plans for a higher model soon if this one is coming in at the £600 mark? Not at this time, the M2 continues and happily challenges players at 3 times the price
  8. darveniza

    I wonder if you need a rig like this if you have a phone like a HTC 10,ZTE Axon 7 or Vivo 5. The simplicity of the package and no other cables is really awesome
  9. FortisFlyer75
    Thanks for explaining, sure, balanced is more an icing on the cake if it happened to have it for me.
    Just think a dedicated line out is a feature a lot of people still want and need as this is the most I have heard from others talking about the new arm M20 regarding this omission.  
    I have to agree this M20  it does sound detailed and musically involving than players out there that cost more and at end of day if it sounds good enough it will not stop me getting it but just to use into my speaker hi-fi for example via my Hugo would of been easier with the normal line out that are found in daps. 
    Will try the hp as a line out all the same if I decide to get this.  
    What sealed it for me was the sound staging correction over the M2 yet kept the same detailed sound and signature. 
    Look forward to this coming out whenever that is??....
  10. WCDchee

    What do you mean regarding the soundstage?

    Also, just curious how they compare to some other top tier players you've tried? :)
  11. glassmonkey
    Buy the Ether C Flow. Just do it. It was one of the best headphones I heard. Of course I was listening out of the Cavalli Liquid Tungsten, sooooo...
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  12. WCDchee

    To be honest I'm not the biggest fan of the ethers (all 4 versions), and I would go for the staxes any day, but to each his own! :)
  13. m17xr2b
    I agree the Ether C was amazing with Liquid Tungsten, one of the best from the show although not quite as good when running the Ether C from the GOV2 directly.
    One thing that puzzled me is the difference between the two LCD-4 at the show. One was very detailed and balanced, the other much darker when running from the same gear/songs. Really says something about the product variance.
    Highlight for me was returning home with the GS-X MK2 even if I did not plan on buying anything. I just could not resist after auditioning it with the HEK.
  14. mark2410 Contributor
    so, photos of the notes i made at the time, note that i didnt make notes on everything i heard for reasons, not bad reasons, more that im fairly sure ill be getting in for review giving any opinions on a 10 min listen in a noisy hall without tip playing, more song testing etc etc.  so that also means take everything written (if you can actually read them, again writing deliberately scrawwly for reasons) that you should take with a pinch of salt.  really i view these listeneing sessions as indicators for me know what stuff i really want to get in and what im perhaps not so fussed about.
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  15. Duncan Moderator

    I'll read fully later, however, must ask, were you a doctor in a former life?

    Hehe, you know I jest! Hope the ear plugs worked for you??
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