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CanJam Global 2020 General

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  1. NovaFlyer
    Cool. I already have my room booked for NYC and will book Chicago rooms when the reservation window opens - can always cancel a few days prior if things don't work out. I also have a room for Axpona. Plenty of options for audio next year.
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  2. Zachik
    Will try to attend NYC or Chicago (in addition to SoCal)... will start thinking about it soon...
    joe and NovaFlyer like this.
  3. al11588
    Can't wait for canjam in 2020. :)
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  4. Watagump
    Hey Ethan, I imagine our brothers to the north would love a CanJam show, is Canada doable?
  5. KcMsterpce
    I'll most likely do Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Singapore. Chicago, NY, or SoCal... maybe one of those three.
    Looking forward to walking around aimlessly and enjoying the friendly vibe!
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  6. buke9
  7. KcMsterpce
    I predict a stop by Chicago next year... but will it be the week of CanJam, or ZMFestivus? THAT is the question! :D
  8. buke9
    Yes that is the question will there be a ZMFestivus since CanJam will be at the same time as Festivus?
  9. luisao
    why do not organize a CanJam in Europe ?
  10. Zachik
    Good idea. Maybe in London - that would be fun... :wink:
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  11. luisao
    I said Europe but I meant EU after 31st of October 19....
  12. Watagump
    CanJam Hawaii, enough said.
  13. raypin
    Mm.....CanJam Sydney! Love that city...maybe Sofitel Darling Harbour..........is the headfi community (Australia & NZ) large enough?
    Last edited: Sep 25, 2019
  14. Demo3
    Dang it... No CanJam RMAF again, hate the new venue.
  15. alota
    Only one canjam in E.U.. After brexit no camjam in E.U.
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