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CanJam Global 2020 General

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  1. phase0
    I'm curious if any one can answer why CanJam RMAF Denver was dropped? That was sooooo convenient for me I'm really sad that it's gone. It just kind of disappeared and I never saw anyone announce it or explain why.
  2. Watagump

    The CanJam crew is focused on their own stand alone shows now. The RMAF was affiliated with CanJam, now its called Headspace. So they still had a headphone area.
  3. PoetOfTheKill
    Yeah I did see things were cheaper if bought at the event but I had no idea what I was walking into. Now, after seeing it for the first time I know how to prepare and what to expect and I did enjoy the raffles for a chance to win things even though I'm never lucky in that way lol. Overall good first impression on my end
  4. phase0
    So is that like when someone gets fired and the press release is they want to explore something new and spend more time with their family?
  5. Watagump

    Well, I was there with the best candy, so if you got some, you probably saw me. :wink: Don't let these fools tell you otherwise, I am the candy master.
  6. Watagump

    Sounds logical.
  7. phase0
    Part of why I dove into RMAF/Canjam was because it's local so I have to expend almost zero effort to get there. Chances of me traveling are much lower but never say never. On one hand I wonder with my tinnitus, if I should be avoiding pressing speakers against my ears? On the other hand with my tinnitus, if I can mask it with music maybe that makes it all a little more bearable.
  8. PoetOfTheKill
    Candy? Hmmm ohhh were you one of the vendors? I Remember a couple with a mix bag of chocolate bars, crazy thing is ideas there for like 6 hours and totally forgot to eat or drink anything and at that specific vendor I got to try out the noble khan and got a piece of candy out of it which helped my low blood sugar. If that was you then thanks again lol
  9. Watagump

    Yes that was me.
  10. KcMsterpce
    Cool. Maybe I'll go to Shenzhen, as long as civil war doesn't break out with Hong Kong by then.
    I'm wondering if I'll have to cancel November for Shanghai at this point. Haha!
    Chicago, too? Man, y'all are killin' me. :D
  11. joe Administrator
    I think that's impossible, but I welcome all to try. :)
  12. Darkestred
    You guys are definitely time travelers - that's for sure.
  13. Watagump

    It is impossible, even if he didn't go, he can still be given badges.
  14. Dipper Mouth
    I wish there was more options in Europe. I guess the European community is a little bit second place :/
  15. misteral201103
    In case you're genuinely concerned about Shanghai - we remain unaffected by the HK situation.
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