CanJam Global 2018 Event Thread (NYC, Singapore, SoCal, London, RMAF, Shanghai)

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  1. boxxi
    Looking forward to CanJam SG, a portable lover's dream with so many IEMS/cables to choose from.

    I do hope that there's more obscure/boutique-ey audio companies, there are some hidden gems among them.:)
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  2. third_eye Moderator
    ACS, Astrotec, FiiO, FitEar, Grado, Jaben, Jerry Harvey Audio, Lime Ears, PhatLab, Shanling, Symphonium Audio, The Bit, and Ultimate Ears added to CanJam Singapore exhibitor list!
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  3. joseph69
    Maybe I missed it, is Grado attending CanJam NYC?
  4. third_eye Moderator
    For the moment, Grado is not registered to exhibit in NYC.
  5. joseph69
    Thank you.
  6. third_eye Moderator
    Audio46, AKG, DUNU, JBL, and Sony added to CanJam NYC 2018 exhibitor list!
  7. jinxy245

    Awesome! I hope Audio 46 brings the Klipsch HP-3
  8. darkdoorway
    Yes. Just booked Singapore tickets. Can't believe I actually won't miss Singapore this year. And Fitear will be there! The stars are aligning...
  9. YoengJyh
    Singapore Canjam.. Ultimate Ears.. Is it real UE? Not 3rd party right?

    Omg.. if true then must visit!
  10. third_eye Moderator
    Brise Audio, Kumitate Labs, KuraDa, Schiit Audio, and Sonoma Acoustics added to CanJam Singapore 2018 exhibitor list!
  11. third_eye Moderator
    Ultimate Ears will be represented by Jaben at CanJam Singapore 2018.....see you there!

  12. noobandroid
    my friend will be so hyped knowing Kumitate is back
  13. moedawg140 Contributor
    Kumitate reminds me of “Kumite”, from one of my favorite childhood movies, Bloodsport:



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  14. Purple Smart
    I wish there was headphone meet ups in the west, living in Washington state sucks for these kinds of things...
  15. moedawg140 Contributor
    A train ride and/or vacation should do!
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