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CanJam Global 2018 Event Thread (NYC, Singapore, SoCal, London, RMAF, Shanghai)

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  1. Cagin
    yt vid asmr tapping on that can, do iiiiiiiit
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    Shocking low price for the Jade II. Another one joins the list.
    This is the level of my excitement for this weekend lol .... excitement.gif
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  4. Stillhart
    Bring music. SD Card, USB stick, DAP, all three, whatever. But never count on them having music you like or are familiar with.

    Bring a headphone. It's always nice to have your own familiar headphone (doesn't matter how good or bad it is) to reset your baseline. After a while it all sort of blends together and it's nice to find a quiet spot to go listen to your gear for a bit and "cleanse the palette".

    Wear comfy shoes. This should go without saying.

    Common courtesy. When you're done demoing, or swapping headphones, turn the volume down on your listening station. This protects the gear and the ears of the next person in line.

    Hygiene. I don't know you so don't take this personally but... shower before you go. Nobody wants to wear headphones after they've been on a greazy head.

    Beyond that, just have fun! There's something awesome about being in a room full of people who share your passion. You can turn to most anyone and strike up a conversation about something that you saw or heard or noticed. Make some friends. :)
  5. ironpeg
    I will bring all of my Effect Audio cables and Cross Lambda Audio cables to the RMAF18. Feel free to PM me if any of you want to try them.
  6. Mediahound

    Good tips. I’ve always wondered how long is it acceptable to stay at one station and listen?
  7. Stillhart
    I think that is pretty subjective. How many stations are there for that gear? Are there people waiting? Are you window shopping or actually trying to make a purchasing decision? Etc...

    At the end of the day, it's important to realize that shows like this are actually pretty piss poor demoing conditions. Spending a ton of time on something on a loud show floor isn't going to get you much further than the first few minutes of listening. Given that, I personally tend to err on the side of courtesy and letting other people have their turns.
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  8. Mediahound
    Makes sense. I’ve literally seen people rocking out at the same booth for like an hour at past shows. Never really understood that.
  9. Stillhart
    When I've worked tables at shows, usually it's the ones trying to psych themselves up for a big purchase (like a $4k Cavalli amp or a $3600 DAP or whatever).

    The other thing is I'm really not embarrassed to just tap someone on the shoulder and ask politely for a chance to listen if I think they've hogging the station. If you are, maybe ask the person running the station to do it. Sometimes, you just get lost in the music and don't even realize you're inconveniencing anyone.
    I always stay with a pair on my head until the person behind me gives me the ol'stink eye lol
  11. Mediahound
    Yeah it should really be more about confirming that yes this sounds as expected or sounds really good, or it is not to my liking, and then moving on unless it’s dead and no one else is there waiting
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  12. Alcophone
    And when you bring a pair of headphones, also bring adapters so you're able to use them with a wide variety of gear.
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  13. Allanmarcus
    Crap, all I brought was heals!

    As for how long to listen at a station, if you are really serious about buying that item, listen as long as it takes. If you are there for more than 30 minutes listening to the same thing, then maybe you don’t want to buy it.

    Anyone up for a late breakfast and hanging out at pint brothers (hotel restaurant) Friday morning? Maybe 9:30?
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  14. Sebastien Chiu
    Who's up for dinner on Friday night since we're planning things? :p

    Thanks for the advice y'all! I'll be at the show for the back half of friday and the majority of saturday. Looking forward to roaming.

    I may as well bring both of my IEMS that I have as a point of reference!
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2018
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  15. Zachik
    I’m landing at 9:55pm in Denver.
    Anyone arriving roughly the same time and want to share a ride - PM me.
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