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CanJam Global 2018 Event Thread (NYC, Singapore, SoCal, London, RMAF, Shanghai)

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  1. mrmax
    Thank you. Very good tips. I actually started checking exhibitors sites for their products with some brands i’m not familiar with. Also I’m hoping shangri-la and orpheus sign-ups will be made available.

    Good too, since I’m very picky with tips. Will bring a case with some of my faves. While I am not in the market for daps (already have 6 or 8), i’ll drop by and go to the booth. Would it be ok to video? I want to do an fb live for my friends/group back home. You can do plugs as we have a few followers of shanling here in the Philippines :wink:.

    Yes will do. Hoping my UERR arrives soon.
  2. mrmax

  3. imran27

    How is the payment? Cash or cards will be accepted?
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2018
  4. moedawg140 Contributor
    Let me guess, did you mean for your order to look like this?:

  5. imran27
    Lol yeah, will edit it.
    And payment methods?
  6. moedawg140 Contributor
    I’m sure you can use a credit/debit card and cash to purchase your shirts.
    Last edited: Mar 15, 2018
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  7. Andykong
    Is there a Senn HE1 audition in CanJam Singapore? in a quite room?
    Cayin Stay updated on Cayin at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
  8. imran27
    Nope. I spoke to them, they say it is not an ideal environment, not even in a quite room.
    So HE1 will not be there at CanJam SG as per my knowledge
  9. noobandroid
    then I'm lucky to have tried it out last year
  10. Shanling
    Definitely stop by with your camera :wink:
    Shanling Have any question about our players? Just PM me or send me email. Stay updated on Shanling at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/Shanling-Audio-603230783166845/ https://twitter.com/ShanlingAudio https://www.instagram.com/shanlingaudio/ http://www.shanling.com/ frankie@shanling.com
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  11. rayquaza
    Hi @third_eye

    I just came across this event IMG_20180312_181724_991.jpg on facebook hosted by "Head-Fi.Club" and it falls on the exact same time as CanJam. Is Head-fi.Club in any way related to Head-Fi and Canjam? Is it an exclusive club for big name Head-Fi members only? And is this event an extension of CanJam? I see prominent brands like Campfire Audio and Effect Audio supporting this event.

    Please let me know if this is part of CanJam as I would not want to miss any new products
  12. noobandroid
    doubt this is part of canjam event, it's something like their own micro event for that couple things, which i think will be available at the event too
  13. jude Administrator
    No, that is most certainly not in any way affiliated with CanJam, nor is "Head-Fi.club" associated with Head-Fi. I've asked @Goh Beng Yeow (who also goes by @Beng Yeow) -- who has been using the "Head-Fi.club" name -- to stop using "Head-Fi" because (as happened here) it has caused confusion. However, he has insisted on continuing to use it, as I think that's exactly the kind of confusion he wants.
  14. rayquaza

    Thank you Jude for clearing up the confusion. That is not very nice of him, and I’m shocked by how he has received support from some of the big brands, even some of your sponsors like Alo/Campfire Audio and Effect Audio like I have mentioned above.

    I will support Head-Fi all the way! I hope to see you at CanJam Singapore!
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  15. third_eye Moderator
    Guys, here is the current list of Show Specials for CanJam Singapore 2018! We'll also be providing a handout at the Registration Desk with the Show Specials listed. :L3000:


    CanJam Singapore 2018 Show Specials
    64 Audio
    10% off Universal models: Fourte, Trio, U18t and U12t
    AAW 20% off all CIEM/UIEMs
    Abyss Headphones - 15% off select products
    Astell+Kern - 15% off select products
    Audeze - 15% off select products
    Chord Electronics - 15% off select products
    FiiO - 15% off select products
    Hifiman - 15% off select products
    JH Audio - 15% off select products
    Woo Audio - 15% off select products
    Audio-Opus 20% off Opus #1, Opus #2, and Opus #3
    Brainwavz Visit booth to enter a Giveaway for a B400 BA earphone (there will be 3 prize winners!)
    B200 v2 - $89.50 USD show special (limited stock)
    B400 - $150 USD show special (limited stock)
    Focal (Absolute Sound) 15% off Focal Listen, Listen Wireless, Spark, Spark Wireless, Sphear
    Sure Win Luck Dip Contest - Purchase any Clear/Elear/Utopia during the show period for a chace to dip into the Sure Win box at the Focal booth for a chance to win one of the following: Audioquest Dragonfly Red, Dragonfly Black, Jitterbug, Focal Sphear, Focal Spark , Focal Spark Wireless, Focal Listen, Focal Listen Wireless, Utopia/Elear Carry Case, Utopia Leather Ear Pads. Contest Valid March 24-25.....limited to the first 20 customers
    Labkable 20% off select products
    Music Sanctuary Visit the Music Sanctuary booth to enter into a prize giveaway for (1) set of Ultimate Ears UE18+ Pro Customs on each day (2 prizes total)
    Viist the Music Sanctuary booth to enter into a prize giveaway for (1) set of 64 Audio A12t customs on first day and A18t custom on second day
    Lime Ears - 15% off
    Custom Art - 15% off
    64 Audio - up to 15% off
    Ultimate Ears - up to 15% off
    Symphonium Audio - up to 15% off
    Han Sound Audio - up to 15% off
    PWAudio - up to 15% off
    Meze Audio 20% discount for CanJam SG attendees for purchases on www.mezeaudio.com between March 22-27 using promo code: CANJAMSIN2018
    The Audio Session From March 21 - April 3 get 50% off MSRP on the entire store lineup (while supplies last)
    Headphone Giveaway of (1) MyAudioSession headphone and (2) Debut Titanium Label heapdhones
    To enter, participants can tweet (@TheAudioSession) wearing The Audio Session gear at CanJam Singapore to be entered for a chance to win
    Full details at www.facebook.com/theaudiosession
    Vision Ears 10% off - VE2, VE3, VE4
    15% off - VE5, VE6, VE8
    Free ear impressions at booth
    Woo Audio 15% off select products
    Yaxi 30% off all products plus a special gift!
    Follow us on Instagram, can get a YAXI special headphone pouch!
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