CanJam Global 2018 Event Thread (NYC, Singapore, SoCal, London, RMAF, Shanghai)


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  1. antimatter
    Maybe it's the area's of the website I'm drawn to but Singapore isn't a location I see on here often. Mostly U.S. and Canada by a very wide margin. Other than Chicago Axpona there isn't much going on out here. For me Chicago Axpona was great for speakers but not so much for headphones.
  2. Muinarc
    You're likely discounting the thousands of lurkers. They never type anything, but they're always there..... watching you, reading your comments!
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  3. hamlesh
    Weekend ticket for London purchased - so i'll be roaming around on both days again :)

    Who knows what will be on the shopping list by then!
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  4. third_eye Moderator
    Awesome, see you there!

  5. glassmonkey
    Woot! Moar CanJam!
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  6. FraterOiram
    Can't wait!! CJ 2017 was a blast.
  7. piotrus-g
    Singapore here we come again!

    It's hard to put in perspective but Sinagpore is SEA hub. The place is perfect as it in center of South East Asia.
    I've been to CanJam SG twice and CanJam London once, CanJam Singapore is easily twice as busy as the one in London.
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  8. crabdog
    CJ Singapore here I come!
  9. DrunkSaru
    I'm wondering if I should volunteer for 2018. I couldn't do it this year because I had 2 goals: try to get as much listen on the Sonoma M1 and make sure I got listen on the Orpheus. The year before was too far away for me and didn't want to get a hotel in the area. next year, close to home again, free tshirt sounds cool. ....... hummm
  10. raypin
    mm...Yup, I agree. Geographically, SG easily covers Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. My country, the Philippines is farther, but we are a small market (we do have the Manila November HIFI show). So, SG makes sense.

    Shanghai is a good choice I guess to cover the Chinese market but I would have preferred HK instead.

    U.S. and Canada are well-covered: SOCAL, NYC and RMAF plus the smaller events. If anything, Europe is underrepresented. And of course, there's the antipodal black hole known as Australia and New Zealand. lol!
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  11. jeffri
    CanJam Singapore, hopefully I can attend again. Last one is a blast!
  12. moedawg140 Contributor
    Just checking in - if both of us can make it, I'll see you at the next event! :man_in_tuxedo:(imagine a dark-skinned, dark haired gentleman)
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  13. elucidate
    Nothing in Canada as usual. Le sigh...
  14. piotrus-g
    ^^^ totally agreed
    mainland Europe could be huge event easily, somewhere like Paris would be great location.
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  15. KEV G
    The shopping list, already saving :L3000:
    Bought a ticket for Saturday at the last London CanJam, it was my first event. This time it's going to have to be a weekend pass for sure. The shopping list may be a little larger when the time comes :ksc75smile:
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