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CanJam Global 2018 Event Thread (NYC, Singapore, SoCal, London, RMAF, Shanghai)

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  1. moedawg140 Contributor
    Kumitate reminds me of “Kumite”, from one of my favorite childhood movies, Bloodsport:



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  2. Purple Smart
    I wish there was headphone meet ups in the west, living in Washington state sucks for these kinds of things...
  3. moedawg140 Contributor
    A train ride and/or vacation should do!
  4. Purple Smart
    The problem is when I get that money I have to choose between that or more gear
  5. moedawg140 Contributor
    I totally feel you. Awesome gear or memorable trips? Even though I adore gear, vacations, meeting and hanging out with people is very fulfilling, in my opinion. I’m blessed to be alive and able to go on these trips, let alone have enough money to purchase what I’d like from time to time.

    Good luck to you with your decision(s), and hope to see you at an upcoming CanJam if you decide to/will attend!
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  6. crayons23
    should one bring their own headphones or are they provided for each company?
  7. noobandroid
    both situations will happen
  8. etoilebiscuit
    I thought I am going to miss the Canjam Singapore but looks like I can go on 1 day, flying back on 24th. Lets go!!!!!!!!!!
  9. third_eye Moderator
    Final, Stax, and Van Nuys added to CanJam Singapore 2018 exhibitor list!
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  10. darkdoorway
    This was me last year, but missing by one day. Really annoying. Happy that I'll make it in 2018. Go Singapore!
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  11. third_eye Moderator
    Glad you'll be able to make it this year!

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  12. third_eye Moderator

    CanJam SoCal 2018
    JW Marriott L.A. LIVE
    900 W Olympic Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90015

    Saturday, April 7, 2018
    11am to 7pm

    Sunday, April 8, 2018
    10am to 5pm

    Show Passes (Click here to purchase)
    Weekend Pass - $30
    One Day Pass - $20

    Located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, the L.A. LIVE entertainment complex features Staples Center (home of the Lakers, Clippers, and Kings), the Grammy Museum, and many fantastic restaurant and nightlife options. We have secured a limited number of discounted rooms at a rate of $249/night. Click here to make your room reservations.

    CanJam Volunteers
    There will be volunteer staff positions at CanJam SoCal 2018 to assist at the Registration Desk. You will need to be able to commit to a 4 hour shift on either the Saturday or Sunday of the event. Volunteers will receive free weekend passes along with an event T-Shirt. If you are interested, please send me a PM or email to ethan@canjam.org specifying which show you are interested in volunteering for along with your full name, email address, and T-Shirt size.

    CanJam SoCal 2018 Show Sponsors & Media Partners

    CanJam SoCal 2018 Exhibitors
    64 Audio
    ALO Audio
    Campfire Audio
    Cardas Audio
    Chord Electronics
    Dekoni Audio
    Echobox Audio
    Empire Ears
    Focal Pro
    Headamp Audio
    M&O Electronics
    Noble Audio
    Pro-Ject Audio Systems
    Schiit Audio
    Sonoma Acoustics
    Woo Audio
    ZMF Headphones

    with many more to come.......!

    Get Social

    Help us spread the word! Be sure to stay up to date, like, share and follow:



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    Last edited: Jan 13, 2018
  13. Towert7
    Can regular people come and setup their own gear?
    If so, what is the process?
  14. pkcpga
    Always happens during school break and we are always away. I wish CanJam in nyc happened not during the kids February break every year. Oh well, looking forward to escaping the snow at least that week.
  15. third_eye Moderator
    Even, Klipsch, and RHA added to CanJam NYC exhibitor list!
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