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  1. caenlenfromOCN

    Let's not do food or drinks for this little meet up since our gear is so pricey. Afterwords if we want to go out somewhere to eat or drink we can do so.

    January 20 at 1PM is set in stone now, PM ROCKNSS your cell and he will text you the address. No charge for this meet up. wooohooo I am excited.


    Hey there, if we can get maybe 5-7 people interested I am willing to run it and find us a place to set up. Indianapolis is a lovely city, lived here all my life, traffic is much easier than Chicago as well. Cost of living is cheap, so if you want to go out after for dinner and a drink it won't cost you much.

    Alright, I am just going to go for this.

    January 20, 2018 1PM.
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  2. antimatter
    Indy would be cool. My job makes it tough to get to meets but I will def. try.
  3. caenlenfromOCN
    It probably won't happen, as you can see, not much interest at all lol
    Late seeing this, but am in Noblesville and could meet up sometime.

    Don't have a lot of gear, AKG K550 & Celsus Sound Companion One (no longer available). Could also show off the iOS FLAC player that I am working on developing.
  5. caenlenfromOCN

    Well me, you, and Rocknss makes three.

    If we could get like 2-3 more it would be awesome. Just a mini meet up, haha.

    Anyone else interested please post here and we will work out some dates/times.
  6. caenlenfromOCN
    Alright, I am just going to go for this. Date is set, will be Northwest Indianapolis area (location TBD, but in that region of Carmel/Noblesville).

    January 20, 2018 1PM.

    I am bringing: Student Starving Hybrid AMP with 2x United States Air Force tubes, Grace Design S, Magni 3, Schiit Fulla 1, Fiio K1. Headphones: Pioneer SE-A1000 with HM5 velour, AKG K7xx, Monolith M560 with Sony XBR 500 earpads, Monolith M565 stock, and some special basshead cans heavily modified, oh and my trusty old pair of Philips SHP-9500. I am also bringing along one bluetooth headphone that just released two weeks ago and I think it sounds better than Sony MDR1000x.
  7. buke9
    Just saw this pretty sure I can make the drive from Louisville. I’ll talk to a few others from Cinncy as it’s a pretty easy drive to Indy from there and also know a guy in Bloomington that makes crazy Bottlehead Crack amps and I’ll see if he is available.
    The gear I have I could bring:
    AKG K872
    AKG K240 Sextett and Monitors
    Fostex/Massdrop TX0
    HE-400S maybe 400 if I get them fixed
    Meze 99 Classics
    Koss ESP-950
    Cavalli Liquid Carbon
    Amps and Sound Kenzie
    Stax SRM1 MKII
    Bottlehead Crack with Speedball
    Schiit Yggdrasil
    Chord Mojo
    Questyle QP1R dap
    Also a few IEM’s like 1More Triple Drivers, Echobox Finder X1, Havi B3 Pro 1 and a few other cheap ones and lots of tips that I don’t use so they are clean but will find some alcohol wipes if anyone is interested in listening to them.
    Will need to know if there will be WiFi as I mostly stream Tidal HiFi but will have to transfer some files if no WiFi is available.
  8. pippen99
    I would be interested in attending based on two criteria. As buke9 stated my system is based on streaming. I would need Wifi for my streamer or Ethernet for my network card. The second is the weather. I would be an absolute yes if this was held in March or April. I cannot commit 100% to an 180 mile drive in the middle of January until near the day of the meet.

    I will bring: Woo WA5
    Cavalli Liquid Gold
    PSAudio Directstream DAC with BridgeII network card
    Audeze LCD4 (DH Prion4 cable)

    Good luck in getting more people interested.
    What are the bluetooth headphones? I am currently looking for a pair of noise canceling over ear bluetooth headphones. Right now narrowed down to Sennheiser PXC550 or the Sony MDR-1000x.

    What I have to bring:
    Celsus Sound Companion One DAC/Headpone Amp
    AKG K550
    JBL E50BT
    AKG Q350 Quincy Jones Ear Buds
    Denon AH-W150BK

    As mentioned am looking for and may have by the time of the meet up some Over Ear Bluetooth noise canceling headphones, and am also looking for a desktop DAC/Headphone amp in the $500 range (right now edging towards the Schiit Jotunheim with the DAC module).
  10. antimatter
    One of the reasons I went the cd route was because of this. I'd say the main reason was because I think mfsl gold cd's and headphones mix well together but no wifi required was a def. bonus. I know some people think mfsl gold is a gimmick and I would never pay more than $35 a cd but I really think they have a leg up on your run of the mill cd's.

    MFSL gold
    Sony cdp-xa7es
    Sennheiser HD800
  11. antimatter
    Give it some time baby. It will grow.
  12. buke9
    Was going to say that and then Pippen stepped in and I know he has very good gear so it is on . As long as there is no big snow event then we will show up with pretty good gear.
  13. AxelCloris Administrator
    Hmm, I'll put myself down as tentative. I could make a weekend out of it and see my family in Cincinnati as well.
  14. caenlenfromOCN
    I don't expect anyone to commit until January 15-17 or so, snow could ruin everything, but the weather channel seems to say this is going to be a mild winter for us like last year was, so that would be nice.

    If no one can make it is fine, but I just thought I would set a date and go for it, and I am flying out of the country the following week to finish grad school, so thought it could be fun little thing to do before I head out. ^^
  15. antimatter
    I have been itching for a meet. Did not make to any last year. Even the STL meet was during my once a year camping trip to Camp Ondessonk. I do have a special piece of gear that I will bring barring a foot of snow. It shipped yesterday but from oversea's and you never know with shipping from oversea's. A Sony se-p900. Benn looking for a while for one of those at a decent price. More rare than a R10 for sure.
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