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can you suggested me one very good gaming headset?

  1. mikerrr
    can you suggested me one very good headset? for gaming and music?

    ,my budget is 100 euros max..

    i am looking for Comfort,, Sound Quality Dampening and Migration.. i dont have problem with the look

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  2. Matez
    Does it have to have a mic attached or would you consider headphones and mic bought separately?
  3. mikerrr
    i will buy the mic separately
    • WHAT IS YOUR OPINION FOR hyperX cloud alpha. and cooler master MH751 and hyperX cloud ii are good? for gaming and music?
    i am looking for Comfort,, Sound Quality Dampening and Migration.. i dont have problem with the look

    are there good headphones in 100 euros budget for gaming and music?

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  4. mikerrr
    the Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO. is it worth to buy for gaming and music?
    what is your opinion for the Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO. ?
  5. aliquis
    Of what I have tried I would had said DT 990 Pro.

    My microphone is a lavalier microphone from Swedish "Biltema" which cost like €2.4. It works so if you are willing to use something such and can afford a tiny bit above €100 then sure.

    In my experience the DT 990 Pro 250 ohm worked at 1/3 of the volume on "Extreme" or whatever on my ASUS B450-F motherboard, I used ~70/100 in volume at first but got ringing in my ears for weeks and it was very fatiguing so I don't suggest you do that and it seem like loudness isn't a problem.

    What I don't like with them is the harsh treble, I increased the volume to get the mids I was used too and the treble and explosions in Overwatch using Dolby Atmos was waay too much for my ears. Later I decreased the volume and it was still functional for space awareness and vs both my Grados and the CoolerMaster MH751 and my B&W DM601S2 speakers it's much easier to tell where people are in them and the icicles of Mei got a nice crisp ZIIING to them I normally don't hear. Choir music sounded excellent too. But male mids I feel is lacking but I'm used to the Grados. For gaming I feel they were great but I haven't used all that much but for music and maybe in general I would had wanted to EQ down the treble.

    The AKG K712 Pro may have more mids and less treble and deeper bass but be harder to drive. Possibly. Haven't heard them.
    The Audio-Technica AD700X and AD900X are other alternatives, the AD700X cost DT 990 money.
    AD700X vs DT 990: Less bass, more mid, treble hard to judge.
    AD900X I think is supposed to have more bass than AD700X so maybe to me nicer but also cost more.
    K712 vs DT 990: Bit less bass (ok, not more then), bit mot mid, bit less treble. I think I would prefer them.
    HD650 vs DT 990: less bass, more mids, less treble. So maybe I would prefer them too. The HD58X doesn't cost an awesome amount of money. I like how the HD 660 sounds. However people say that series have a smaller sound stage so for gaming awareness maybe it's worse.

    K612 and K712 may be harder to drive than DT 990. I don't know.
    HD58X and K712 maybe I would prefer to listen to music in.

    AD900X and K712 maybe are alternatives you could consider / try too?

    The DT 990 doesn't have a detachable cable so you can't use the V-Moda BoomPro with them as designed but you could of course come up with your own method of holding them in place like zip-ties or something but maybe that's not something you want to do.

    Audio-Technica have models with built in microphone too. ATH-ADG1X cost more like €300 though. Sennheiser have the G4me One/Zero, the PC373/37XD and GSP 300, 350, 370 or whatever and 600. Closed ones likely have smaller sound stage and some of those may have detachable microphones and some not. I guess only the lower end GSP and G4me ones are in that price range. Logitech and Corsair got a bunch of alternatives too as well as the CoolerMaster MH751 I have hear.
  6. mikerrr
    So tell me something DT 990 Pro 250 is it worth for gaming and music? also in the madlastenvy reviews is saying very good reviews for the DT 990 Pro 250
    do you trust his review?

    These are GREAT for gaming. Probably easier on the ears than they are for music, as the treble's edge isn't as pronounced in Dolby Headphone mode. There is a greater soundstage, more fantastic bass impact than the 880s (super quick and tight, and unobtrusive still, but more lively), and the detail retrieval is on par, if not better than the 880s due to the more emphasized treble, and just as detailed mids (though the mids aren't as forward as the bass and treble). If you want a more fun oriented sound than the 880s have for gaming, the 990s are it. The bass isn't boomy, but more omni-present, which adds to the immersion. They also work very well for the hardcore gamers out there who wanna nitpick the finer details in games like Call of Duty. Imaging is excellent, and overall positioning is better than the 880s. The hole between 5 and 7 is no longer there, though it's still not as good at judging front and rear sounds as my other faves. However it does it well enough for me that I happily sold the killer K701s as I saw no need to own anything for gaming after the 990s at the time. The treble WILL be too much for some people, though I believe that is more of an issue with it's use in regular stereo. For gaming, I didn't ever feel it got up there...

    Comfort-wise, they can be truly great a hit or a miss for some. One, the padding is pretty much one of the best I've felt on any headphone. I love velour, especially ones as soft as these. The DT990 is very lightweight, and it will feel like pillows caressing the side of your head. The miss part is that the space for your ears to fit in isn't big and your ears may press against the padding protecting the drivers.

    update: My original review was for the 600ohm. I have also used the 32ohm, 250ohm, and more 600ohm versions, and I must say, they're too much alike to consider them different headphones. There may be slight differences, but unless you have them side by side, they're very much the same headphone with different amping requirements.

    Comparisons of the 32 vs 250 (Premium and Pro) vs 600 ohm:

    The 32ohm is a lot easier to drive in terms of volume, though they scale quite a bit with amping, to the point that I thought they were just shy of the 600ohm. The 32ohm I feel is recommended for those who just want an amazing headphone to pair up with something like the Mixamp and possibly a portable amp.

    As for differences between the higher ohm DT990, the 32ohm is slightly less refined, and the soundstage is slightly smaller in stereo mode. It also has a dryness to the sound compared to the 250 ohm Premium. One that wouldn't change my thoughts on it. The 600ohm is slightly better overall to the 32ohm, but to make it better than the 32ohm, you need a pretty good amp to bring out that potential. For most of us, the differences don't justify the hassle. Don't overlook the 32ohm, especially if you're not getting an ideal amp for 600ohm headphones. The 32ohm gets you 95% of the way there, with the benefit of being able to sound very good unamped, and better driven than the 600ohm on all but really good gear. You will still want an amp to bring out their sound quality, like the other Beyers on this guide.

    The 250ohm Premium is also just like the 320hm and 600ohm, but it has a darker tone, fuller bass, and less mids than the 32ohm and 600ohm. The differences again, are very negligible, especially if you don't have all 3 to compare. The 250ohm is also more refined than the 32ohm, with a bigger soundstage, and the sound as a whole has more body/weight, but again, the mids aren't as forward as the 32ohm or 600ohm. The difference yet again, are slight. The 250ohm is harder to drive than the 32ohm in terms of VOLUME, and only on certain sources will a portable amp be enough. To be safe, you'll want a desktop amp for the 250ohm.

    The Pro 250ohm model sounds just like the Premium 250ohm model, but it has a bit more clamp so the bass is raised slightly, and soundstage is slightly lessened, (though still very similar to the Premium 250ohm, and still bigger than the 32ohm DT990). Because the Pro model is the cheapest, if you're looking to save some money and don't mind the retro look and stronger clamp, the DT990 Pro 250ohm gets you 99.9% the same sound as the Premium 250ohm.

    The 600ohm is the most refined, and shares more in common with the 32ohm than the 250ohm, but just barely. The bass is tighter with very slightly less impact than the 250ohm. Like the 32ohm, the mids are ever so slightly more forward than the 250ohm. The soundstage is like the 250ohm, which is to say, slightly larger than the 32ohm. The 600ohm deserves some real good amping to make it worthwhile over the 32/250ohm variants. If you don't plan on getting something in the realm of $250+ for a bonafied desktop amp, get the 250ohm instead, though recent comparisons using the E09K have shown me that the 600ohm is still the better can (literally by a micro hair).

    Now, when using a Dolby Headphone device (also using an amp to help drive the Beyers), I found them all to sound almost too similar. virtual surround positioning, soundstage, and tone were all incredibly similar. Made the differences even harder to discern than when listening to music, etc, without the Mixamp.

    Because they're all so similar, I won't be giving them different scores. They're all within a hair of each other for fun, competitive, and obviously comfort.
    Fun: 8.5/10 (Excellent)
    Competitive: 8/10 (Great)
    Comfort: 8.5/10 (8/10 for the 990 Pros due to stronger clamp)

    can you suggested me headphones for my budget 150 euro max? for gaming and movies?

    for you which are the best top 5 headphones for my budget 150 euro max? for gaming and movies???

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  7. PurpleAngel Contributor
    What is the make and model of the motherboard your going to plug the headset into?
    Does it matter if the headset is open or closed?
  8. Jim22
    K712 is hard(er) to drive than X2, also while it has a more 3D soundstage than the 2D sounding X2, the added bass on the Phillips makes for a more fun gaming experience where it involves a lot of lows/explosions etc. I can drive the X2 just fine off my LG V30 without the amp activated, it benefits slightly(more control in the bass) when in high impedance mode. Also higher end amps I tried didn't make a palpable difference really. I would recommend the X2 if you can afford them since they are I think the most comfortable pair I owned and super east to drive.
    For music I'd pick AKG for better soundstage , more natural sound and image, more clear mids, highs, more detail overall and better presentation.The only thing X2 has over it is bass. Both respond better to EQ if amped properly.
    Both have peaks in the highs but I don't find them fatiguing.
  9. aliquis
    I thought these were PM's due to notifications.

    Anyway the cloud ii is supposed to be a trakstar pro 80 design right? Copying dt 770. MH 751 a pro 82 instead. Got the understanding the pro 82 would be better. Have the MH 751 but I get some background noise using it for some reason. It's not there with 16 ohm Sony MDR 650EXAP. So ... ?

    MH751 sounds a bit larger than head for me and they work and have a mic. However DT 990 was great for the game and I didn't notice any noise in the background there and one can add a cheap mic. The DT 990 did cost 50% more but it's kinda no contest and DT 990 wins.
  10. mbphotox
    I used the Beyerdynamic DT990 (250 Ohms) for gaming as well.
    Have one of these weird tabletop microphones that you can bend and switch on/off with a button at the foot of it. Was maybe 10 bucks, but the quality is amazing.

    IMO, it's much smarter to get headphones and mic separately, unless one really only plays computer games all the time...
  11. mikerrr
    Look because i am very confused and i dont know which headphones to buy for gaming and music . and i am not expert in headphones,, some people suggested me one list with headphones

    HyperX Cloud Alpha

    HyperX Cloud II

    HyperX Cloud Flight

    Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO

    Sennheiser HD 58X

    Samson SR850

    CoolerMaster MH751

    also what is your opinion for all these heaDPHONES?

    also the headphones i will drive them with my soundblaster ae.5 .
    so my question is which headphones to buy? which are the best top 5 headphones which you can suggested me for gaming and music?

    in the market there are tons of headphones ,, we cant know all the headphones in the market for this i am asking which are the best top 5 headphones which you can suggested me for gaming and music?

    My budget is 100 - 150 euros max..

    the word gaming in the phrase gaming headphones is a marketing word. in the audio space gaming means RGB and gamer easthtic. for example look at "gaming keyboards" they are keyboards with pretty lights and cool designs to them

    Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO. is it worth to buy for gaming and music?

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  12. aliquis
    Cloud Alpha seem better than Cloud II.
    How Cloud Flight compare I don't know.
    I've got the impression the MH751 would be better than the Cloud II but I don't know if that's the case. Maybe Cloud Alpha is good.
    Samson was much cheaper so I'd assume they are worse, there's also those kinda AKG copies whatever they are called, no idea how those are.
    I haven't compared HD58X and DT990. DT990 is great for games I'd say. Maybe I'd prefer HD58X for music. I'd assume both may be nicer than Cloud Alpha if nothing else because that's closed.

    I think you'd be happy with the DT 990.
  13. mikerrr




    WHAT IS YOUR OPINION FOR Audio-Technica ATH-M40x??

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  14. PurpleAngel Contributor
    DT990 (250-Ohm) stronge bass/treble, which slightly over shadows the mids, but the mids are clear.
    The Audio Technica ATH-M40X get a lot of good feedback, on Head-Fi.
  15. aliquis
    CB-1 and M40X is closed.

    For a closed pair here one could get A550Z or whatever it's called for I think 80 euro. That may have been fine. That sale is over now though. Cheap

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