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Can you sleep with custom fits in?

  1. e19650826


     you won't hear the alarm from the clock, but you can set an alarm on your music source.. 
    you will be able to hear the fire alarm.. that thing is extremly loud... a mere 26dB reduction is a joke..  that thing rings from 75dB to 100dB...
  2. csommers
    Whatever you do, make sure you set an alarm on your phone/ipod, otherwise you WILL NOT hear any outside noise(alarm, etc).
  3. Sinocelt

    My own alarm is quite loud enough that my CIEM, even with music playing, wouldn't drown its TUT-TUT-TUT!

    True. From experience. -_-"
  4. Kib
    My lovely wife, who I love dearly (!) has the most guttural seismic snore ever to erupt from a human being.  To sleep within a kilometer I need to wear some type of noise abatement device.  Other than modification of industrial earmuffs, my new set of CIEM's have been the best thing I've found to get past the feeling of trying to sleep with my head resting in a jet engine.  Enclosed Over-the-Ear headphone are akin to wearing a motorcycle helmet let alone risking cable strangulation, standard universal earbud-types seldom stayed put over the course of a night's sleep, I tried some small ETY-type flanged and was always afraid I'd wake up with a cable hanging out of my ear and the the earpiece hanging out of my mouth.  CIEM's aren't perfect but they are relatively comfortable and relatively safe.
    Sweet dreams.
  5. Omnirai

    As good a reason as any to pick up a pair of customs! [​IMG]
  6. superrab
    I have Westone ES5s and they are really comfortable to rest on the side of my head with their vinyl tips.
  7. ImperialX
    Even if it's comfortable, your shouldn't do it for the sake of your health...and all that ear wax!
  8. I recently bought this for removing earwax from my JH13.  Hasn't come in yet but here's hoping it's more effective than those little cleaning rods they send out.  Unless you're a serial roller in your sleep, I only see this as being good for my health - I can actually get some sleep.  
  9. e19650826


     very interesting... mind telling us how effective that is after you get it?
  10. daigo


    I think I saw a post about this on a tech blog recently.  Curious if that does a good job.  I am lucky that I don't have too much ear wax so my customs aren't filled with wax that i need to use the cleaning tool too often, but there is a bit of light dust/wax stuck on the inside surfaces of the nozzle. 

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