Can You hear this?

Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by dustinandband, May 29, 2018.
  1. dustinandband
    The guy approaching from behind at around 0:19? If so, what's your audio setup?

    The guy who posted this uses (last time I checked with him) akg Q701 + DAC/AMP.

    I myself purchased an AKG 701 with a similar DAC/AMP (forgot the specific name) and wasn't as happy with the headphones compared to my current ATH-AD700X. I haven't broken in the AKG 701s but they seem more bassy, which isn't good for FPS games. My sound card is the sound blaster ZxR and I'm currently using the ATH-AD700X (with no other DAC / AMP modifications).
  2. dustinandband
    Never mind, apparently he looked behind cause someone on his left was shooting the guy tailing him. Still curious how he knew the left guy was shooting at someone behind / above him but that's not a question for this forum. If a mod sees this plz delete the thread thx

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