Can someone link me to "The Missing Manual: A User's Guide To Ultrasone"
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Sep 11, 2007
I've used the search on Head-Fi, I've Googled it, and I've clicked countless links claiming to link to it in the "There's Something About Ultrasone" thread and I cannot find The Missing Manual: A User's Guide To Ultrasone. Can someone please link me to it? My Proline 750s are nice and burnt in now and I'm absolutely loving them but I remember seeing something about how to get the most out of S-Logic in there and I'd like to go over it again.

There was also a mod somewhere around here to get better isolation out of the HFI-650, if someone has a link I'd appreciate that as well. I wanna see if it will work on the Proline 750. I'd love it if I could block out my roommate a little better when I'm trying to get lost in my music or my games, and it would probably be helpful in the studio.
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Jan 10, 2007
Yep, the link is in my sig.
The original link is not working anymore because of the recent outage of headfi.

Here's a link to the recent tread about Proline 650 mods where 1 of the intentions was to make the hp isolate better:

Here's another link to another mod from the ed9, which has also lead to increased isolation. Someone tried it recently on his hfi-450 so that might also work for you:

Good luck reading all this and I hope this is of any help to you

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