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  1. Dyaems
    we dont have any idea if were looking at the stock pictures. it is also possible that this is a non-retail version, which sounds exactly the same as an original ie8, but without sennheiser warranty and the case. a non-retail version is basically a "rejected" pair from sennheiser because of cosmetic problems.
    there is a 14day money back anyways. if you tried it and the bass sounds lean, then that probably is a fake. not to mention that heaploads of midbass hump going on when using the stock, original ie8.
    edit: this is a link for comparison between fake and original ie8
  2. Pure Quickness
    Something to consider is that his Ebay rating that he has is good. I'm well-aware that those ratings can be inflated by fake accounts but the users (giving those ratings to this guy) seem to be legitimate and not spammy fake'(with very low reputation scores).
    He also doesn't have negative ratings in the past year.
    The seller seems confident with his own product by providing a link which shows what is real and what is fake (when asked).
    Based on those factors, he seems legitimate.
  3. belushka
    try to contact him, see what he's like...
  4. lee730
    Can he provide you an original receipt of purchase from an authorized dealer? That is the easiest way to determine this. Otherwise the only other way is to have someone who knows what a real one sounds like test them for you.
  5. unknown909

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