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Can JH16's be remade for another user?

  1. PMA
    Hello all,
    I've searched this site and seen some JH16 users who have put their IEM's on sale to get later model or other IEM's.  I haven't seen any explanation on how a custom IEM can be reworked for another user.  Does JH Audio do this?  
    I have JH16's now and am considering an upgrade to Roxanne's and it would be very cool to offset the cost of the new ones by selling my JH16's but I just want to be clear on how this might work for the buyer or I may just give them to my brother if they can be remade with his ear molds.
  2. Spyro
    Why do you care? My experience is you might get 50% back on your JH16 if less than 2 years old. Let the buyer worry about where and how they would re-shell.
  3. PMA
    Because if it can be done, I'd like to know.
  4. Spyro
    I've never done it but yes there are many companies that reshell drivers. TF10 maybe the most popular.
  5. lin0003
    Yes, companies like Inearz and Unique Melody do reshells. 
  6. squallkiercosa
    Yes, it can be done however, the problem with customs is the low resale value, because the buyer has to pay for impressions, the reshell itself and sometimes for new cables. The cheapest and probably nicest option is like 150$ (170$ with recessed socket) + 10$ shipping (if you want a faceplate you have to add 100$ more) and there's no guarantee of satisfaction. I rather buy a new set if the price is not right.

  7. dezispop

    Why not? I just did it 2 months ago and order roxanne very soon.

    Making earmold is not that expensive (in hong kong), gogogo!
  8. PMA
    Thanks to all for the suggestions.  Looks like only 3rd parties do this and not JH Audio.  Given low resale, I am thinking I may just give these to my brother and tell him he can get them reshelled vs. having to buy other IEM's outright.  Less expensive option for him.  Need to check the quality of these companies and work they've done first so if anyone may have used them in the past, I would be interested in reviews of their experience.
  9. squallkiercosa
    Ill be happy getting them if your brother is not into customs. Pm me. Have a nice day!

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