Can I hack a Fiio e17k to be always on when it has power?
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Dec 21, 2011
I bought a Fiio e17k for a special project. I am going to use the amp to adjust the sound (volume boost, adding bass, reducing treble) on a DAB radio that sends via FM to my motorcycle Sena bluetooth handsfree. So DAB --> e17k --> FM sender --> Sena bluetooth --> Custom moulded ear plugs --> :L3000:

But the problem is that even choosing "always on" the battery runs out before I take my next ride. I don't have the charger always connected since I don't know how much the thing will draw on my rather small motor cycle battery, and I prefer not to run start a quite heavy Honda Blackbird. :grin: So the 12V to USB plug is connected to the ignition and comes on when I start the engine. But when the power comes through the always connected USB plug, the amp won't turn back on until I press the button. I have the kit under the seat, and it's a pain having to take off the seat every time I am going for a ride.

So is there a way to hack the device so it always will be on? I do have a soldering iron and I'm not afraid to use it! :wink: I'm used to soldering keys on keyboards and small cables, and if soldering a tiny circiuit board is to difficult, I have somebody who can do that. If a hack like that isn't possible, maybe the easiest way would be to add a cable to the power button and do a bit of "relay magic" so it works like a button press.
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