Can I get some advice please?
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Nov 3, 2008
Hopefully this isn't out of line, I would really like some help deciding on what headphones to buy. I think a little background would help you help me, right? I listen mostly to rock, electronic, folk, and pop (atleast thats the closest I can get to summing up the different bands/artists I listen to most). I use a Cowon D2 and do not have an amp. I currently have Creative Ep-630 that I am not pleased with at all. I will keep them for when I need portability but I would really like some full size cans. I'll be using them at home on my PC and with the D2 at school and on the bus. I have a budget of about $100 Canadian dollars. I am having a hard time deciding on what to buy. has Sennheiser HD555 for about $115 which is about $50 lower than other prices I've seen. They also have HD280Pro for $115 but I'm not sure how good those would be for my application without an amp. Third there are some Grado SR60s which I have only seen once at a local electronics store for $100.

Which out of those three (or anything at all) would you recommend? Tomorrow I am going to head over to that local store and try some different phones if I can.

Thanks for any guidence you can provide.
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Aug 7, 2008
I'm a big Grado fan. I also like products by AKG, Sennheiser, Yuin, Beyerdynamics, and surprisingly, JVC. I'd get the Grado SR-60. I regard this as the best can for under 100 bucks (if you aren't amping). If you amp (even I Fii0---really cheap), the SR-80 might be nice. I have a pair of the SR-60's and love them (I use them for portable applications). At home, I listen with a pair of Grado 325i's. Incrediable rock cans. The 325i's are my favourites (but in a several weeks, I'll have another favourite, maybe).

The SR-60's are open, have great sound, travel well, and really, are amazing.


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