Can I do the quarter mod on my igrados?
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Mar 11, 2006
I just picked up some igrados and noticed they sound muffled. With the pads off they sound better but are too much. I am afraid I may cut too big of a hole in the pads. What size should I use?
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Start with a dime and test it out, then try a nickel, and then finally the quarter. If you have the older version of the iGrados, you can actually remove the back foam from the grate which will really open up the sound. To check which version you have, pull off the pads and look closely at the four tabs that hold the housing together. If you see any glue (small shiny areas) on the tabs, then don't bother with the mod and you'll destroy them if you try the mod. If you don't see any glue, then it's safe to pop the housing drivers off and remove the back foam. There's a link with pics and detailed instructions on how to do this.
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I see glue. darn it.I tried the size of an eraser and am not sure if there is a difference. There must be a way to open the drivers.I am going to try a dime next.Where is the link?
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If you see glue, don't try it. One member nearly destroyed his iGrados trying to pry open the housings. One other way to adjust the sound is to move them around on your ears. I find that moving them back and up on my ears brings out the highs a bit more. I have quarter mods on mine and they seem to work fine that way.

Here's the link:
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I am so tempted to try anyway. I MUST RESIST.
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I am at nickel size holes and they sound pretty good. Do you know where we can pick up new foamies if need be?

I would think the treble driver is in the middle too. Right? I have noticed they are getting brighter.
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These baby's love amplification.
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