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Can Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 be used as a sound card?

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by reachpattabi, Apr 14, 2013.
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  1. boris_mikhaylov
    have done.
    - no differences.
    ... and, need to do more tests to sure enough, there is a very little difference of latency between asio and windows 10 wdm.
  2. vapman
    ASIO is more for direct control of hardware and bypassing the Windows system audio design. these days windows audio doesn't really have latency problems so unless you configure the latency with ASIO yourself (extremely easy) it won't be different obviously.
    for listening latency doesn't matter. it does during recording. when you are recording you don't do anyting else on the computer, so super low latency is fine. so if you are turning your latency down to like 60ms and wondering why you're hearing skips whenever your computer does anything with processing power...
  3. AudioJones
    As a new user of  the 2i2, i would say it´s a lot better than may motherboard (Asus Gryphon Z87). and a lot better than my old behringer x802 usb. As far as I can tell,  handles my Hd 600 well. the dac is decent, the amp can handle my 600´s without noticing any distorsion in the sound. I haven´t A B tested it against anything, but there is no need to. this is my main headphone/ speaker interface until I get my Schiit stack. In addition it handles my Rode nt1 very well, with low noise floor. but i need to put a lot of gain on, so i haven´t tested it with 2 x phantom mic´s and my 600´s. But if you don´t need the XLR, i honestly can´t find a reason to buy it. But if you need XLR´s and RCA/Jack, this is the one to go with. but if you just need dac and amp you could go for the schiit stack or behringer 202 and the Fiio E11. So as a soundcard YES if you need XLR too.
    Enjoy your music :wink:
  4. Rasomaso
    So is there anything better than Scarlett 2i4 as far as recording quality (need 2 instrument/line level unbalanced inputs for stereo recording) and headphone use? I'll combine HD 600 with active monitors connected via balanced connection. I was also thinking of getting a Allen & Heath Zed 10 mixer for the same purpose, would this be better? I don't really need mic preamps btw.
  5. AudioJones
    Hello Rasomaso. I haven't got a lot of experience with recording instruments since most of my work is voice overs and such, but after what I experienced with my behringer mixer(noise floor) I would rather go for the 2i2 / 2i4, because the build quality and clean audio. My 600 works well with the focusrite and it's a nice addition to have balanced/ rca on the back of the unit. It's just a good package for a fairly good price. As far as getting the 2i4 instead of the 2i2, I can't tell in your case of course, but I would save som bucks and go for the 2i2, as of my use I hardly use anything but the headphone jack, and rarely the rca's, when I use them I use them with some active monitors. But I haven't tried other mixers than the cheap behringer, but they offer a lot for a cheap price(it got some problems with noise). Honestly I don't know enough about instrument recording, however I will give the edge to the focusrite, especially when you use headphones(the amp and dac unit is surprisingly good) + the focusrite is very portable, build like a beast and looks good. All in all this is my opinion, you can get what you want.

    Enjoy your music :wink:
  6. Tablix
    Something of an uprgrade in terms of quality, would be http://www.rme-audio.de/en/products/babyface_pro.php
    Another option is the audient id22  https://audient.com/products/id22
    You will get more in/outs on these also and you will pay for them.   Both companies make some of the best recording equipment I have used in terms of interfaces and mixers.  I personally use a 2i4 for all my home playback, and find it perfect as an everyday low cost solution.  The problem is with the above examples, you are paying more than double, for things you may not need.  Heck you can buy a 2i4 and a nice mic and still have change for treating your recording room.
  7. giorgos98
    I just got my hands on a Scarlett 2i4 , I connected my computer to the Scarlett with a USB 2,I inserted my momentum to the Scarlett through the headphones port but no sound come out of it.What am I doing wrong?
  8. Tablix
    Have you installed the drivers?  Have you set it up as your primary audio device? 
  9. giorgos98
    yes i have installed both the drivers and i have setted the scarlet as my primary audio device.In the device mager i see the bars rising as the music plays but i hear nothing on my headphones
  10. DrSHP
    hi,in your player setting,you must select focusrite as output.
    i recommend that you select asio and use foobar 2000 player.
  11. giorgos98
    done it, still no sound
  12. zmoney
    I feel like the answer must be yes but then I see little comments that make me think I'm wrong..
    Will the monitor control knob on the 2i2/4 control the volume of active monitors while playing via a USB source (not while monitoring the line-ins)? By control I mean reduce in a controllable fashion, I recognize it would not provide amplification.
    I will most likely pick up a pair of JBL SLR305s so my goal is to run Mac/PC --[USB]--> 2i2/4 --[TRS]--> SLR305. With this setup will the 2i2/4 give me control of the volume of the JBLs?
    I'm not looking to use the XLR/TRS inputs on the 2i2/4 (at this point). I just want a DAC/ active monitor volume controler/ headphone amp in one device.
    Appreciate the help here guys.
  13. jcn3
    ^ The answer is yes -- I used to run that way.
  14. Tablix
    @zmoney yes the monitor control knob is the main way to change volume this way all your other sound levels on your pc can stay at 100%.  Should work just fine, I am using with 2 pr's of monitors, and headphones.
  15. zmoney
    Thank you both! 
    No additional responses needed on my question.
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