Can Con Sydney Australia 7.5 Impressions Thread

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  1. thecrow
    The wa5 was great with the hd800 and lcd2 i heard.

    And tha magni 3 was impressive with the mojo.

    Not sure how much heavy lifting was done by the mojo v the magni 3 but....
    Great relatively non expensive set up.
  2. Rossliew
    I’m in Malaysia. Would definitely have gone if I was in Sydney. Lucky fella who won the raffle!
  3. UntilThen
    Haha no one. He was pulling your legs. Wink owns the Blue Hawaii and all the Stax headphones including SR-009 and 007 but he did not bring those gear for this meet. Instead he donated several headphones as lucky door prizes.
  4. thecrow
    shhhhhhh.....i was hoping that might get more interest for next time
  5. Rossliew
    LOL, naughty crow! Will be sure to pen in the dates to the next Can Con :p
  6. Hyvaxis
    Wouldn't be a proper headphone meet unless someone was compelled to make a purchase by the end right? :o2smile:

    Thanks, and it'd be great to see the photos you took as well. The Sony lens I think is the best E-mount prime lens unless you're gonna splurge for a Zeiss, but the Alpha body is definitely superior to what I have.
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  7. Hyvaxis
    Actually, that would be me :laughing: I did have my friend try it and see what she thought though, compared to the DT1770 she heard earlier that morning. At the very least, I'm just glad she appreciates how big the difference is.
  8. UntilThen
    You do that. By that time you should be able to bring your Blue Hawaii and Stax headphones. :)
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  9. Mightygrey
    Ok may have just pulled the trigger on the limited edition Oxidised Cherry Eikons...

    If anyone's keen on a mint pair of Audeze LCD-X's let me know - I've just listed them.
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  10. sandalaudio
    Some photos I took

    The biggest highlight for me was the combined effort of three members: Abyss + Woo WA5 (with fancy tubes) + Accuphase DC-37 DAC.

    I really loved the sound of Accuphase DAC, but it's way too high end for me to afford. It was a rare opportunity to listen to it properly.


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  11. sandalaudio
    The organizer pkwak with the well-deserved farewell gift, generously donated by Wink.

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  12. wink
    Looks like Bonnie and Clyde (without Bonnie) after he robbed the bank.
  13. Jimmyboei
    Nice photos! I can't imagine the effort you put for the shot of my powerboard underneath the table lol.
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  14. Hyvaxis
    I was just happy there was so much equipment to take glamor shots of, and now that I think about it, most photos I took featured your gear. The Woo amp, the Utopia, the HD800, and the Elear was yours too right? As for the power board, it involved crawling... But I had to get a photo of that, never seen a power board with a glowing old school voltmeter on it before
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