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Can Con Sydney Australia 7.5 Impressions Thread

  1. sandalaudio
    Thanks everyone for attending, and thanks pkwak for once again organising a fantastic meeting.

    Please post any comments, feedback, and photos here.
  2. abagun
    fantastic meeting!
    Looking forward to the next one
  3. hpz
    Thanks for the meet guys! It was great to see some new and old faces again. Hope we all had a great time and yes until the next meet take care.
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  4. Hyvaxis
    Here's an Imgur album of the better photos that I took, didn't manage to cover much of the gear everyone brought though, spent too much time in listening to them. Thanks for everyone for attending and pkwak for the organizing!


    If anyone wants the RAW files to do any post processing themselves, I can send them a Google Drive link or something.
  5. Mightygrey
    Nice shots Brian!
  6. Mightygrey
    I'm definitely getting myself an f/1.8 35mm lens now...
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  7. pkwak
    Thanks everyone for coming had great fun~ Will miss you guys but hopefully I will come back for a visit and perhaps have a small meet~
    And special thanks to sandalaudio for managing the thread~
  8. pkwak
    And a big thank you to Wink for your generosity. My special farewell gift as well as my lucky raffle prize of Hifiman HE 5LE~
  9. UntilThen
    This is my 3rd attendance at a Can Con Sydney meet and I've gotten to know the small group well by now. A great bunch of guys that have great love for this very engaging hobby. The gear on display were quite outstanding for such a small group and as usual I didn't have time to sample everything. The day went by too quickly !

    Some of the gear that impressed me:-

    Woo Audio Wa5 - stunning tube amp in both looks and sound. This is what I call end game or close to it. Texture laden with the clarity of a bright spring day and a euphonic tone that only good tube amps can produce. This makes me all the more want to listen to a EC Studio, DNA Stratus, Glenn 300b, EL3N and OTL amps just for comparisons.

    Abyss headphone - a very unusual looking headphone that won't win any beauty contest but one of the best sounding headphones I've heard to date. Articulate, great soundstage and did almost everything right but the mids seems more recessed compared to Utopia.

    Focal Utopia - 2nd time I've heard this headphone. I spend considerable time with it on my Yggy and Rag setup and then on Yggy and Wa5. I much prefer it on the latter. Great sounding headphone. My favourite of all the headphones I've heard so far. A narrower soundstage but it's not a detriment for me. Great on vocals and a good selection of music, from classical, jazz to classic rock. A sweet sounding headphone that almost had a bounce in the tone. Lively and spirited with a clarity that is second to none. I would love to own one.

    Bottlehead Crack / with Speedball and Chord Mojo as DAC - I thought this sounded lovely with Atticus and Eikon. Shows you don't need to spend big to get a very enjoyable system.

    Lastly, opinions varied on Eikon and Atticus. Some prefer Eikon whilst others prefer Atticus.

    Great to see @wink again. So generous of him to donate some great headphones (including a T1) as lucky draw door prizes.

    So to everyone, thanks for a great day of listening to music and sampling gear. Special thanks to Paul. We will miss you when you move to Melbourne.

    Till we meet again, UT.
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  10. UntilThen
    Some photos I took with my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge mobilephone. :)

    Abyss with Yggy and Rag

    Woo Audio Wa5

    Utopia with Yggy and Rag

    V1 dac/amp

    Eikon and Atticus

    Bottlehead Crack with Speedball

    A shot of some of the attendees.
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  11. Rossliew
    Did anyone bring any electrostatic gear ?
  12. Mightygrey
    Would have loved to stayed all day, but great to spend a few hours catching-up and trying out some old gear, and some new gear as well.

    Really enjoyed spending some more time with the utopia, on both the Rag/Yggy stack and the WA5. Simply stunning, so resolving.

    My favourite discovery of the day had to be the Eikon - thanks Matthew for bringing it along with the Atticus for comparison. It imaged crazily-well on the Schiit stack, and has so much detail yet so much character. Very fun on the Bottlehead as well! Think it'll definitely be my next upgrade path...
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  13. wink
    Who was the poor victim that was saddled with the Blaupunkt headphones...? :triportsad:
  14. UntilThen
    The girl. :ksc75smile:
  15. thecrow
    There was a raffle/door prize of a stax headphone and a blue hawaii amp. .

    I think it was John that one that one

    You should have come along.
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2017
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