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Campfire - Solaris

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  1. Rockwell75
    According to CFA they begin shipping on the 12th, so if I'm lucky mine will go out in the first wave and it should arrive at Headphone Bar sometime the following week. I'm hoping to pick it up in person around the 20th, which will allow me to spend the holiday season "getting to know it".
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  2. haoyuan
    Just got the Gold 16 cable from the Black Friday sale yesterday and spent a while switching out the connectors. I ended up using the plussound mmcx because the gold hardware matched the entire feel of the cable and also compliments the Solaris quite well. I reterminated SXC8 and REF8 before as well and by far the Gold 16 is the hardest of the bunch. The individual strands are extremely fine and stripping the cable not carefully and you might cut off part of the cable with it. I do recall however the REF8 jacket was much harder to remove vs the Gold 16.

    I haven’t ABed the cable yet nor is it burned in, but first impression is that the Andromeda sparkle I loved is now back on the Solaris. Highs goes into almost piercing territory like the Andromeda’s do naturally. Mids and vocals are more forward as well, on the SXC8 sometimes voices takes a backseat but with the Gold16 the separation becomes better and while some frequencies are still recessed, they are very much separated, more than the SXC8.

    Bass however is still something I’m not used to. The cable adds so much midbass and makes the music a lot more fun, but it takes away a bit of the analytical qualities I usually look for when listening to classical. I had to EQ the bass and some of the midbass down to get the sound I was used to. However anything with ample amount of bass now becomes extremely fun.

    Overall I feel the sounds mixes together a lot more, yet still maintains very separated when it comes to layering. Maybe that’s what they mean by liquid sounding? 55B5C951-DE5C-41B0-A2B0-A18174485919.jpeg
  3. candlejack
    A few guys in the Z1R thread (including myself) have reported that the fit improved with time. But it should be at least decent to begin with.
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  4. Cwebb4ers
    AK DAP works magic with Solaris, especially with the 2.5mm balanced. You hear a bit of hiss with Kann Cube (IEMatch strongly recommended, but S1000M with balanced connection is definitely the way to go.
  5. Rockwell75
    Yeah n6ii with A01 was the best pairing I heard with Solaris. I'm sure it will sound just as nice with the SE.
  6. fokta
    Be open mind, u should tried pairing with Kann Cube, since is not like usual AK sound Sig. Since you more prefer to N6ii A01...

    anyway... was trying local cable, VERUS Ref2 pair to SOLARIS and DX221Mk2.
    The cable is 2 strand 25 AWG UP-OCC LITZ SPC 3.5 TRS. The cable main highlight is transparent... compare to Slitz 3.5, is that the VERUS Ref 2 more emphasize on Mid Bass and Vocal (more Coherent side). while SLitz better in High especially upper high (wide soundstage, Spark & clarity).
    Last edited: Dec 9, 2019
  7. Rockwell75
    I've heard that Cube sounds nice with Solaris-- I believe it's Ken Ball's favorite source for it. It's too big to be viable as a portable source for me though so the sound is kind of irrelevant.

    In other news t-minus 2 days until SE Solaris ships...woop!
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  8. PuppyCat
    Its interesting that Cayin's N6ii E01 motherboard & CA Solaris Special Edition are coming out at nearly the same time!
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2019
  9. Rockwell75
    If by "interesting" you mean tempting AF.
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  10. BiggieBig
    Another Solaris owner and loving them :) by far my best IEMs so far.

    I pair then with dx228 soon dx229 ex

    does anybody have an ifi iematch with Solaris there’s some hiss with amp9 can live with it but would be nice to reduce it.

    does it ruin the sound ?

    also do people buy it in 3.5/2.5 I guess 2.5mm is more versatile but may not be required with amp 8 since it’s pretty low noise anyway.
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  11. fokta
    Hi.. Same pairing... Based on my exp, AMP9 must with Ifi, mine is ebuddy.
    Regarding sound, it will be difficult to compare, since The Hiss is in to the song and even gap etc, pairing to SOLARIS without Adapter impedance (ifi).
    With Ifi, I can told you that, AMP9 is not tube sound, its just make the bass flow gapless between the mid bass and rumble... with additional Rich Vocal...
    And, AMP9 with Solaris + Ifi is not zero Hiss...

    Hope it helps, and better try yourself...
    Last edited: Dec 11, 2019
  12. Tristy
    I use the 2.5mm with the KANN Cube. It does eliminate the hiss and gives a black background but i feel that it takes away some of the dynamism of the pairing.
  13. fokta
    u used adapter impedance pairing to Kann cube?
  14. Tristy
    I use the iematch 2.5mm yes.
  15. fokta
    I see.. is the hiss bother you? it was acceptable for me...
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