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Campfire - Solaris

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  1. xandermaus
  2. xandermaus
    Maybe mine has issues. With the FH7, it also has a terrible soundstage, like you took the music out of a cathedral and locked it in a padded broom closet. No airiness or spaciousness... completely claustrophobic. I've seen other reviews that said the same.
    Last edited: Sep 18, 2019
  3. Jackpot77
    That sounds unusual, to say the least. Almost sounds like phase issues with the DAP? I get the classic Solaris soundstage (i.e large sonic image) through the balanced out on the M11 - would definitely be worth checking your M11 against another unit if you get the chance, if it's affecting multiple headphones.
  4. fokta
    Yeah, I wasn't experiencing what u mention... but I only tried a while. even on those time, I consider it managed Hiss very well.
  5. fokta
  6. 40lb
    Holding off getting a new DAP till I can try some first (if I can). However for the time being I decided to treat my Solaris with a new cable the Alo Gold 16 and a new partner in crime the UE900s.

    Impression/Comparison coming when I get more listening time. Going off the first impression, I'm loving what it does to the bass.

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  7. fallooffie
    Has anyone had any issues with the Super Litz cable shorting out? Mine just started shorting out on the cables left channel MMCX. Can barely move it and it cuts out. Never been snagged or jerked on. Replaced with aftermarket cable and problem is gone. I’ve contacted CA about replacement.

    Also just to add to the thread....Currently running Solaris off IPhoneX/Lightning to Micro USB to Chord Mojo. I got the lightning to Micro USB off of EBay from China. It works great! You can get it from Zee’s music. I’ll attach a pic. Word of advice. If anyone decides to purchase that connector I would get the left hand model as you can’t charge the Mojo when the right hand model is plugged in.
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2019
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  8. Malevolent
    I have the UE900 myself, and while it's good for 2014, it sounds a little too dated in today's market. In any case, I found it to be several notches below the Solaris.

    Anyway, that's a really nice cable. How's the synergy? :)
  9. Tristy
    5E4B63AF-C8D6-4981-B053-9ADCE258D232.jpeg For your viewing pleasure... this is quite the set up, just received the PW audio Loki 8 wire and I’ve gotta say it absolutely DESTROYS the EA Lionheart. Separation, clarity (literally hearing details in songs I didn’t know were there) and a new emphasis on sub bass which injects some much needed musicality coming from the Lionheart.
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2019
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  10. cr3ativ3
    ehm .. right is red ... normally ...
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  11. Tristy
    Knew that ... even looked it up before to double check ... the anticipation must have gotten the better of me thanks
  12. cr3ativ3
    haha :D ure welcome :) sound should be the same.. you just get the right signal to the left .. and the left to the right iem :D Just plug it over :p
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  13. chapter11
    My Solaris just arrived. I used the A&K Kann cube to listen it. Does the balanced cable really make difference on Solaris? For now, I only have the default 3.5mm unbalanced cable, it doesn't give me too much impression...
  14. Rockwell75
    Cable/balanced is far far less important than using the right tips and getting a good seal. The Cube is basically a small nuclear reactor so should have no trouble powering Solaris through the stock cable.
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  15. fallooffie
    Hello Tristy. What ear tips are those?
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