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Campfire - Solaris

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  1. davidcotton
    Annoying isn't it :frowning2: Hope you get to Canjam in feb. Swore three times I'd try and make the London one and each time things have cropped up (this year was rampant hayfever which meant that there wasn't a lot of point going :frowning2: ).
  2. xandermaus
    I just tried every tip that came with the Solaris, and I could not get a single one of them to seal the narrow canal. Thing is, there is nothing about the SoundMolds that sound off to me compared to when I have had a good seal with Comply tips. The SoundMolds do make the sound travel through a longer tube than with regular tips, so to my thinking it must affect the sound somehow, but I could not tell you how. Perhaps the "ignorance is bliss" of an uneducated ear?
  3. xandermaus
    It would be no problem at all if were held in a less crowded city where I could park my 10' tall campervan in a hotel parking and cook all my own food. Extreme food sensitivities mean the bulk of my diet is rare steak and white rice, so I drive and cook. I will never again drive in NYC, so I'll have to fly to CanJam, carrying food for the trip. Once there, I'll go to steakhouses and stay at a hotel with a little kitchen.
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  4. fokta
    The body bass felt so weighted, shaped and detailed...

    good nite...
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  5. xandermaus
    I'm curious, what is a "Rosenkranz Mod"?
  6. thatonenoob
    Some snakeoil belief that pasting stickers onto audio equipment makes it sound better. As an engineer, it makes no sense to me and is offensive to logic.
  7. fokta
    it's just relic to remind me that should try, no matter how it looks etc...

    Does it affect the sound? for me yes.
    Is it significant? No.. ear tip and cable will do more.
    Why not remove it ? personal reason and I kinda like how it looks....
  8. xandermaus
    Pasting stickers on the Solaris? Count me in! Make mine in a nice carbon fiber motif, and make sure it covers as much of the gold as possible.
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  9. MaxD
    :) I did put click lock (a bit like stiff Velcro) on my Solaris, added benefit you can stick them back to back when hanging around your neck, then bot connections need to come loos to loos one :). Also good when putting away. Made zero difference to the sound though.
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  10. MaxD
    Just thought the shells come off with one screw right ? Replacing the gold cover with say Carbon fibre would change the sound right :). Is this messing with a realy good product too much, would it invalidate the guarantee :).
  11. fokta

    btw, I want to re add my impression of Custom eartip.
    Regarding 2 things you will achieve about Darker background and more emphasize Bass will get noticed, when you applied custom eartip. still the same.

    No allergic issued, my usage is 4-6 hours per day, for the past week.

    Hiss, now this is interesting for me, I thought I didn't heard Hiss when the bass became so weighted, so my focus was still on that, and neglecting the Hiss. so far its working...

    Low volume listening, with no sacrifice of Dynamic, I can reduce the volume from 8 (Mango OS DX221mk2) to 7 with this custom eartip...

    so with additional highlights. For me, buying Custom eartip from CustomArt is a right way.

    Regarding the treble and spark, yes, u will fell roll off, but it is not like gone, u still get the soundstage, Spacious and airy feeling.
    Beneficial for me so I don't get fatigue quick.

    Well, this is just my 3 cents.
    going back to regular tip, will be something difficult for me...
    I really enjoy my Solaris Sound signature, Warm yet detail...

    edit, TQ to @ddmt, for reminding, even Ken Balls give some word of advice regarding custom eartips affecting sound on High freq.

    so far, I exp to the sound signature I like, so it can be different for you...
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2019
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  12. Malevolent
    There are quite a handful (or more) on Head-Fi that actually believe that.

    I once tried these stickers on my DAP and my IEMs. They were freely available, and I was offered the opportunity to try. I didn't believe in them, but I thought, heck, why not try it anyway? Needless to say, I heard no difference whatsoever.
  13. xandermaus
    Thank you so much! I can see that I definitely need the minimalist custom tips for the Solaris. That was super helpful.
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  14. ILyaX
    So, after some time, I got my collection of CA tops complete.
    Loving them all! :)

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  15. Devodonaldson
    I was about to grab the Atlas...then at the last minute, got the Solaris. Reading reviews I was worried that they would be too light on the bass. Now that I have them, I'm happy with my decision. The low end is deep and strong, with present mid-range and treble. A very good closed back addition to my LCDi4. Love my portable gear
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