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Campfire - Solaris

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  1. Rorset
    Just listen to them yourself and see what you think. CFA has a great return policy if they end up not being the right IEMs for you. :ksc75smile:
  2. skyline385
    Well i ordered them from Music Direct since CA store has backorders.

    Regardless, i am still interested in knowing about what happened with this issue. Sometimes, it might not be apparent in the beginning but over time you begin to notice it and you find yourself out of the return period...
  3. hiflofi
    In my experience, there's unfortunately going to be unit variance from almost every maker, and their tolerances will differ (if I had to name and shame, just look at 64 Audio even with their pricier models).

    However, think about it this way. You'll only ever hear one unit at a time so the variance won't "matter" necessarily unless you bought it with the expectation that they perfectly follow a target frequency response. If you do end up not liking that one unit, you can always return it as stated by others.
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  4. skyline385
    I do agree that there will be variance but i expect it to be minor. Some of the reviews i read were talking about the mids being hollow & recessed which they attributed to the variance. And one of the main reasons i went for the Solaris as an upgrade is because i wanted the soundstage of Andro in an IEM with more mids...
  5. hiflofi
    If you're looking for an improvement to the Andro mids, I'd argue the Solaris isn't it as it's the bass that's been improved to my ears. That's just my opinion though, I'm sure this thread will confirm otherwise.
  6. skyline385
    This is a trend which i have found while looking at reviews too. Some reviewers claim that the Solaris has more mid presence and is clearer in the highs than the Andromedas, the general consensus being that Solaris are "balanced" whereas the Andros are warm and laid-back. Comparing their Frequency response, i would expect it to be the case as the Solaris has well defined peaks in the mid compared to Andromedas' laid back signature with even more peaks in the highs. Yet there are many members who claim that Solaris are just the Andros with better bass. So i am just not sure who is right here...

  7. hiflofi
    It should come as no surprise that subjective impressions remain just that, so nobody's ever going to be "right". You could look at graphs too if you want a more objective take on things. The best thing to do is to listen with your own two ears of course. I have no doubt it'll become clearer to you which one you'll prefer when the Solaris finds its way to you.
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  8. xandermaus
    The issue for me is that it's described as V-shaped, and I'm pretty sure my preference is more in the U-shaped spectrum. I would not describe myself as a basshead, and I'm way more into the punchy impact than the low rumble. I listen to indie rock, electronic, neosoul... stuff with vocals, and having never listened to a V-shaped IEM, I hesitate to shell out $2300 without hearing them first. I'm also concerned about the reported lack of control in the Legend X's low-end. At this point in my online buying journey, I'm weary of purchases that don't fully satisfy. And, yeah, I could own multiple IEMs, but my nature is to want one that I stick with, because every time I change from one to another, the contrast reminds me of what's lacking. I know, I know, stooopid hooman brayne, but it's easier for me to pick one and just get used to whatever may be lacking.
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  9. BananaOoyoo
    64audio U12t maybe?
  10. subguy812
    Understood... The opinions are subjective, as is mine. Many here say Solaris is lower tier TOTL, I don't agree, I think it is an excellent signature and fairly priced for the consumer. I am very fortunate to have owned and heard so many IEMs. Since this is the Solaris thread, the only thing I will say about the Legend X is that many people make the mistake of writing impressions from a quick listen. I owned it for a little over a year. I have a review on the near horizon for the X. As it says in my signature, and I try to make it easy for folks, none of the TOTL options suck, it comes down to a signature that checks the most of your boxes.
    Last edited: Sep 3, 2019
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  11. xandermaus
    I think I need to get my head-fi mind out of my loudspeaker mindset. I bought my first set of really good speakers after my wife and I got married, and I didn't buy new ones until after she died, 29 years later. I don't need to be monogamous with IEMs the way I am with speakers, especially since head-fi is a fraction the cost. Poor Solaris may have to put up with siblings.
  12. Rockwell75
    There were a couple units in Asia last fall that allegedly measured inconsistently, and thus provoking the idea that Solaris has unit variation issues. The Solaris does have a dip in the upper mid region, which functionally aids in soundstage but has the effect of making some female and higher register vocals lack a bit of body. Unfortunately, due to reasons I won't get into here, both of these issues were massively overblown, with people making it out that unit variance is a persistent problem with Solaris (it isn't) and every time someone finds the tonality not to their liking it's chalked up as unit variance despite the fact that there have been no documented instances of it since the aforementioned cases last fall. Speaking as a consumer who was researching this IEM to decide whether or not to purchase it last spring I found all the drama kicked up around it to simply muddy the water and not result in any useful information. I wound up purchasing the Solaris in March and have been very happy with it. To answer your question: there is no evidence that either issue persists and imho they have been resolved because they were never bona fide issues to begin with. The most persistent complaints about Solaris have been that they could use a little more slam and impact in the lower end.
    Last edited: Sep 3, 2019
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  13. sorrick
    I think it is also worth reiterating that many have found the sound on the Solaris to be very sensitive to different eartips and in ear placement, meaning that it is worth your time to really try different tips until you find the size and style that gives you the best seal and sound. Everyone's ears are shaped differently, so what works for one, will not work for all. Many have commented that for the solaris, they use a different sized tips (it seems most frequently but not always smaller) and/or different tip types entirely than what they find best with other iems. Campfire recommends a deep insertion for best sound. Several people throughout the thread have said they initially felt the mids were recessed, drew conclusions, then tried again with different tips and changed their opinion, usually for the positive.
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  14. cr3ativ3
    this is true , tips make a huge difference with solaris , for me the best are Spiral Dots with Solaris. with my other iems i prefer other tips
  15. skyline385
    I can definitely agree on that one. I have always found Foam tips to boost the lows and add body to the mids. I havent used Silicon tips in an IEM in decades probably since i am really sensitive to sibilance. I am also guessing the size of the Solaris only adds to the fit issues.

    I am gonna go ahead and just wait on my unit. I am mostly looking for an Andro with more mids and DD bass. Not really a basshead so if it has slightly less bass than the Andros (because of the elevated mids and highs) its even better for me...
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