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Campfire - Solaris

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  1. cr3ativ3
    "Or, can tube and tubeless designs both deliver equally excellent sound"


    For me , both sound excellent in their own way .
  2. subguy812
    Unless you need funds from the sale of the Solaris to fund the Legend X, I think having both would take care of your IEM needs.
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  3. NovaFlyer
    Effect Audio just released a new line of cables with entry level prices, the Vogue Series - https://www.effectaudio.com/vogue-series.html

    I gave them a try at CanJam SoCal in Jun and really liked them - soft, flexible and no
    microphonics. My favorite one was the Grandioso. My impressions are at this link in the Effect Audio thread - https://www.head-fi.org/threads/effect-audio-cables-thread.787717/page-247#post-15037783. These are impressions prior to official launch, so disregard the estimated prices.
  4. dakchi
    You are the man I was looking for. I saw the new line Vogue but couldn't find any review of them in the internet. This line looks very nice and at an affordable price. However, I am more interested in Maestro (99$) than Grandioso (199$) because I would like to elevate a little the bass and copper is good for that. Is there a big difference between Maestro and Grandioso?
    The guy from Effect Audio told me that Ares II is even better than Maestro but I don't know if he is saying that to sell me a more expensive cable or if it is true. Any idea?
  5. NovaFlyer
    When I listened to several Effect Audio cables (Vogue series up to their Hall of Fame Janus cable), I noticed slight differences - but I had to really concentrate during critical listening, use quality files, and really good gear. For me, over half of my listening is while I'm doing something else - like reading the forums here and responding :ksc75smile: - so I'm not listing critically, I'm enjoying my music. I'm looking at getting the Grandioso for my Solaris, but want to listen before that and plan to do so at CanJam NYC in Feb 2020. I can wait that long, unless there's a good sale prior to that. FYI, the EA current cables I have now are 2-pin for some of my other IEMs. My recommendation is stay within your budget and buy one of the Vogue series, they are good cables. And if you get the Vouge series, you could get another type of cable from the Vogue series when you have more funds in the future.
    Last edited: Sep 2, 2019
  6. fokta

    My custome eartip is here...

    20190903_141626.jpg 20190903_141645.jpg 20190903_141620.jpg

    Request for the larger inner bore they can make

    There is a gap in the ear and IEM

    But its steady, and stick there...

    Now the millions dollar question... YES.. IT MAKE SOLARIS BASS have body...

    Anyway, will tried this for a couple days... so further Impression will come...

    Thank you custom art and @piotrus-g
    Its a great product, although I had problem with my internal shipping company (not related to product) ... but overall, the sound comes out from it, said it worthy...

    edit : I like to thanks AVARA to help me 3D scan my ear impression...
    Last edited: Sep 3, 2019
  7. 8481
    I’ll probably order a pair or 2 now that I’ve seen how it looks like, thanks for being the guinea pig fokta
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  8. fokta
    hehehe... my suggestion, get to know ur expedition cost more... the cost is really a ripped off for me. .. more expensive the the good itself... quite make me upset, but when listening to it, for me, worth it...
  9. 8481
    I believe the import tax should be 10%, the currency is similar (1 zolty = 1.06MYR) so hopefully it won’t be too bad
  10. fokta
    Its not the custom duty fee that concern me...
    the expedition charge extra again something that I dont used. and I can't do anything about it... that what make me upset...

    anyway, I should move on...
    Last edited: Sep 3, 2019
  11. dakchi
    Where did you buy them?

    Edit: I found them
    Last edited: Sep 3, 2019
  12. piotrus-g
    Thank you for pictures and feedback. I'm sure it will help others with making a decision about jumping into the custom tips wold
    Again, sorry to hear about extra import charges :frowning2:

    Enjoy your Tips with Solaris :) thank you for your purchase!
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  13. fokta
    IMO, yes, alrd listening with it for one hour...

    I thought I don't have problem with seal and Fitting with Solaris... Now, I know why I prefer listen Solaris at Night, where not much noise. still there some outside noise come in with regular tip.. with this custom tip, really good seal, but create new problem, people need to tap my shoulder if want to call me...

    Its a gambling shot that I don't regret...
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  14. skyline385
    I just ordered the Solaris as an upgrade to my 2 year old Andros.

    However, looking through reviews i came across some old threads talking about Mid variance among different units and tonality issues. Does this still persist or was it resolved? I even paid extra to have them delivered quickly and reading this makes me sad :\

    Anyone can chime in on this?
  15. subguy812
    I have used Custom Art tips for quite a while. The SQ is more balanced with the Solaris and you have less fiddling with the fit when they are in your ear, but they do stick out a bit further than normal. The Solaris is big without a custom tip. How far they stick out may be due in part to your individual ear anatomy. May sound creepy, but Piotr knows my ear better than anyone, so my ear shape and large ear hole may have something to do with how far they stick out, he can chime in if he wishes.

    As Fokta said once they are in they are in, so regardless of how far they stick out they aren't moving. The Custom Art tips are a perfect fit and priced fairly, like all of Custom Art's items. You can use them on many of your other IEM's. If the nozzle has a lip and is not short you should be okay. You can always ask Piotr before you order them if you have a question about specific IEM's and he may be able to answer if they will work. They have never worked for any of my Empire Ears because of the short nozzle and no lip. When you remove them the tips stay in your ear.

    This is the Solaris thread, so I will leave it at that. It is nice when you find a tip and a fit with the Solaris that provides the consistent SQ you are looking for. I have not found this custom tip to negatively impact the sound.

    20190903_052656.jpg 20190903_052815.jpg
    20190903_053717.jpg 20190903_053807.jpg
    Last edited: Sep 3, 2019
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